Doing a Happy Dance.

Well good stuff is happening all the time.
Today I made tentative enquiries into flight prices to Canada during the summer hols and found out that that damn gas surcharge that has been deterring me from any kind of family travel is going to drop from 44,000 yen to 11,000.
This information was not easy to gather, there was a blood/stone situation, but I prised it from the unsuspecting ticket agent woman like Hokkaido crab on New Year’s Day.
Now, if I get crappy seats on Canada Airlines, 5 tickets is do-able.
May only need 4 tickets even, Sunshine is unsure if she can spend 3 whole weeks away from The Love.

So all sorts of things are in the works now, water skiing for the kids on Lake something -or- other in the Okanagan, I wonder if it is in fact Lake Okanagan, or maybe there are loads of lakes there, seems it is quite a vast area.
Then there is a stay on a ranch where the chicklets can ride horses, and I will bet good money NOW, that it turns out Kev is some kind of freaky horse whisperer.

Then, and I think we need to call Oprah about this, there will be a gathering on Vancouver Island of our merry gang, some of the Foreign Wives of the world, coming from far flung places, by car, by plane, by ferry, with our rucksacks and tent poles, dragging our kids behind us like yards of tulle.
We’ll be cracking open the long necks and stoking up the camp fire, Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya….
Can’t wait, this year is that started off SOOOOO good is rapidly becoming a great year for me.

3 thoughts on “Doing a Happy Dance.

  1. Did you check JAL? I bet their prices are lower than Air Canada. Plus you will feel less stabby.
    I bet it is Lake Okanagan, although there are other lakes, like Osoyoos and Skaha. I love the names.

    • Oh yeah! JAL is ALWAYS my first choice, but no luck, JAL is 160,000 per adult ticket,
      kids 75% of that ( can’t do the maths).
      Air Canada is 55,000!!!
      BTW thanks for popping by, I miss you!

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