White Day !!

As my J. gals know it’s white day today, which explains perhaps why I am up to my eyeballs in brownie mix,
UK folks, that is the American cake/cookie brownie, not the small, brown uniform, badges up the arm, brownie.

Inbetween making the brownies and dashing to work I don’t have time for a full post on this, will fill in the details later.
I do though wonder, how come, how come, I, who am required to provide 3 nutritional meals and go to work today, now find myself in the kitchen, choco mix everywhere, wrapping and bags and paper filler etc, all of which I paid for, for my sons, who are on their backsides watching TV, to give to girls, who gave them chocs on Valentines Day, chocs I was not offered and did not get to taste??
Something here is seriously out of whack.
More moaning to follow.

6 thoughts on “White Day !!

  1. it’s all the messed up (modern) culture…

    it begins early, the female taking care of the male..

    you (the female) doing what the male should be doing, but isn’t , so in order not to lose face (the male’s) you the female is stuck with doing something you grudgingly do. it’s called…

    i don’t know what it’s called… do you???

  2. Oops I forgot about White day and didn’t give my girl anything. I wondered why the neighbor boy came over with marshmallows for Rei today….I will have to make it up to her.

  3. The uniform thing got me quite excited… but then again so does the thought of chocolatey things. Don’t forget to post some photos (of the brownies that is – not the uniform)!

  4. It’s fuckd up is what it is Jan.
    Ditoh, I didn’t do anything for my girls either, it’s all for other girls.
    I am completely against this, except of course the big box of chocs I got from The Man,;)

    Sorry Silsetto I cannot enable your perving!

  5. i was gonna say fucked up. but i didn’t want to be a total downer. i was also trying to watch my language and not offend anyone…

    our neighbor lady brought chocolate over for the boys for valentine’s day. for white day we gave her cookies. today she gave us cake….

    by the way…. your post about brownies, had a nice link to something called ALOHA BROWNIES. the recipe for them was sinfully decadent. (read: fucking yummy looking) try to find it if you can and I dare you to make them…

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