American Idol Again.

Sadly My Osmond was lost during Holywood week. My dream of thousands of Osmonds taking over The Kodak Theatre lies in tatters.
In fact many dreams lie in tatters now. Hollywood week whitttled the list down to 36. They were then put in groups of 12. I don’t know how it’s being broadcast in the US but here they had the first set of 12 perform on Saturday and the long-drawn-out vote off on Sunday. This means we are still 3 weeks away from seeing the Final 12.
So 3 from each group of 12, the guy with the most votes, girl with the most and then 3rd person with the most votes, goes on. Then the judges get to send 3 through.
Sadly Jamal didn’t make it through from Hollywood week, I really liked him.
Simon said several times, ‘ it’s difficult to cast’, so clearly they are looking at groups of 12 ‘types’.
Last night had Alexis, Danny and Michael go through!
Tatiana, who turned herself from a raging psycho to close-to-the-edge nutjob, didn’t make it through.
How dare the American public not support her dream?
I like all 3 of them, except Michael said ‘ I work on an oil rig as a redneck’. Is rednecking an actual occupation??
It’s too early to get excited.
The boys cast their votes and the pot on the table grows!
I want to know what some of the themes are and who some of the mentors are, but I am afraid to look anything up in case I see ‘too much’.

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