More On White Day.

So for those who don’t know,here is the deal.
On Valentines Day, girls give chocs to boys, women to men. Although in recent years there has been a trend towards ‘tomo-chocs’ where girls give to other girls in the spirit of friendship, I may have blogged about the
hundred of little chocs made by my girls for their friends, back in February.

Probably because I teach a lot of kids, most of the girls I teach bring chocs for my sons.
Sometimes these are special packs designed to get your cash on Valentine’s Day. Theme chocs, Pokemon chocs,
soccer chocs, etc. Sometimes they are homemade, beautifully presented in little decorated boxes or baskets.
Whatever shape they come in, however beautifully packed, those boys scarf them down so quick they don’t even touch the sides.
Now if we could, for a second, step away from the fact, that yes it’s very nice, very kind blah blah blah, a lot of the people who give my boys the chocs feel they are obligated to do so,obligation has increased their workload, strained their ration strength.
I then, am obliged, if not by an actual, in -the -constitution law, but certainly by social law, to return this kindness.
Some of the chocs are a couple of quids worth, more than sufficient I say, but some are expensive, toys-disguised-as-chocs, a large comic character full of them, or chocs with trading cards in.
I then have to remember who gave which chocs and return in kind. Busy-ness aside it gets quite costly.
therein lies the dilemma of the bi-cultural family: just how many holidays do we have to observe??
To try to incorporate all the celebrations of both cultures means there is ALWAYS something coming up, something that has to be done, somewhere you have to go, or something you have to buy/make.
Then there are the real occasions, like birthdays to factor in.

Back in the old days, St. Valentine’s day in the UK, meant sending a secret unsigned card to someone you like.
There were no chocs, no gifts.
Take New Year for example, I am all for it, it’s a great feeling, love it, but here if you factor in the cleaning and preparation, then the actual 3 days of celebrating, you are looking at a festive week. Coming as it always does on the heels of Xmas gluttony and over spending, I could really tone it down a few notches.

I am a big fan of the traditional holidays, both Japanese and Western, but I really don’t like the imported holidays.
Where it all comes down to more spending and obligation without much thought or meaning, no substance!
How the Americans here manage to squidge Thanksgiving in between fake Halloween and Chinese Xmas, is a freakin miracle.

5 thoughts on “More On White Day.

  1. It’s a real shame that the true spirit of a lot these holidays has been unpleasantly subsumed in the big commercial money-making machines that underpin our society… you do end up feeling obliged to drive yourself to penury to keep up and requite the kindness of others… which, of course, isn’t in keeping with the true spirit of all.

  2. If the girls are giving your boys chocolates I think the responsibility of reciprocating should be on their shoulders. That will teach them that being a chic magnet has a price! haha

    I agree, but therein lies the problem. They wont do it, oh they’ll help out, you know the hard jobs like licking the bowl and stuff, but that’s about all, but if we do’t reciprocate I am at best a little rude, at worst a foeigner ignorant of the culture and customs;(

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