My Literal Son.

You gotta love this boy.
as previously mentioned I went to Book Off, for a “reborn’ for him.
while I was there I noticed a stack of books from the ‘Magic Tree House’ series. Both him and Jim have been really into them and we have a lot, but not all of them, especially the lower numbers, so I quite understandably thought if I could complete the set from second hand books it would be wonderful.
So I called him from the shop. he picked up the phone.
I said, ‘Hi’
he said “hi’.
It’s mama.
I know
I’m at Book Off and they have a load of Magic Tree House books.
I want ” Reborn”.
I know, I know, but I want to get these ‘Magic Tree House’ books too. Tell me which ones you’ve got.
What do you mean?
I’ll call out the numbers and you say if you have it or not.
aru ( got it)
nai ( haven’t)
Okay, so 4 and 5 you haven’t got, right?
Okay, I’ll get ‘ Reborn’ and come home.
okay, thanks, bye.

So I bring the books back. 20 minutes later, he says, ‘can I do DS?’
No, read your books.
I’ve read them. You’ve read ‘reborn’ but you can’t have finished two Magic Tree House books.
I read them before.
But you said you didn’t have them.
I don’t, I borrowed them from Haruka.
Why didn’t you say?
You didn’t ask.

3 thoughts on “My Literal Son.

  1. I know!! Drives me nuts. But with ‘Kev’ I should have known better, he does take things very literally. He had a minor concussion once because his stupid mother said ‘ jump in the bath’.

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