Strange Day

I am having one, a strange day that is.
Kev is home again, because his classmates can’t get their shit in a pile and stay healthy for five minutes.
Sunshine again has no school. She asks if she can go out with The Love, but I had a lesson so said he could come here and they’d need to keep an eye on Kev. Lots of eyerolling later t’was agreed to.
I was up again at dawn’s first crack with a pain in my stomach, right in the middle. I resisted the urge to get a diagnosis on the internet, it only leads to worry, and satisfied myself with knowing it is either an acute appendicitis, almost peritonitis, or a bleeding ulcer.
Later the thought struck me that it is probably too much gut-rot coca -cola and Uncle Brick’s horse pills.
I have been having headaches a lot recently because I need to get my eyes tested, I don’t think my lenses are strong enough anymore, or I have to admit defeat and succumb to the dreaded bi-focals or something, anyway suffice to say I can’t see properly and it’s either my eyes or as my mother would say, ‘my arms aren’t long enough’.
Japanese OTC painkillers are rather tame, about half the strength of the overseas stuff, so I usually take 4 instead of the prescribed 2. Then Uncle Brick gave me a horse pill, which he had for a back injury or something, who cares?
WOW, these pills took my headache right away, cut through it like a samurai sword. Loving them!!
But maybe, just maybe, washing them down with coke isn’t the best thing.
I was going to get my eyes tested this morning but then I remembered I had to catch up with this week’s ‘Survivor’, so the plan was nixed.
Also, from today I was planning to eat only raw food for 30 days.
I do that a lot.
Not eat raw food for 30 days, but PLAN to.
That went out the window first with dry toast to ease the stomach pain and then secondly with a big juicy burger from Mo’s, curtesy Sunshine and Love. Tomorrow is another day.
Then I had to pop out shopping. Thought I’d take everyone with me, nothing says ‘romance’ and ‘young love’ quite like traipsing round the supermarket with your girlfriend, her Mum and her kid brother.
Strangely, everyone refused to go, so I left the lovebirds watching Kev, his presence should diffuse any ardour tension shall we say.
Kev, very nicely asked me to get him a “Reborn’ from the second hand bookshop.
Off I went, popped into the garden centre and got a shed load of plants too, so I’ll be busy with them tomorrow.
On the way home I went to Book Off for Kev’s ‘Reborn’. I also found a couple of Magic Tree House books that they haven’t got and a Sherlock Holmes for Doris.
Then when I was waiting to pay the guy in front of me was acting really strange, shuffling about and looking around and paying 800 yen with a gold credit card, at one point his behaviour seemed SO weird I thought he was going to pull a knife out. then I got to thinking about how if he stabbed me, then maybe the pain in my stomach is not real, no appendicitis, no bleeding ulcer, maybe it’s a premonition???Maybe I’ll spend the rest of my life dining out on my pain in the gut/stabbing story.
As it turns out I wont be, I wasn’t stabbed and it is an actual pain, but hey it was freaky there for a minute.
Now I am home, doing this, loved by all because I brought back books. The lady over the road has washed a sort of down jacket, and instead of hanging it outside on the washing line like a normal person would, she has put it on a coat hanger and tied a rope to that and it’s swinging backwards and forwards from the upstairs balcony.
Everytime the wind blows it East, I catch a glimpse of it through my kitchen window and it looks like someone is killing themselves.
A very strange day indeed šŸ˜‰

5 thoughts on “Strange Day

  1. A glass of warm milk usually settles my stomach. Failing that I go for kill or cure with a damned hot chili con carne and scour the bugger till it’s better. I have never been hospitalized. So far.

  2. I think you’re right Jan.

    Thanks for the remedy, I just drank some
    Chinese potion my husband swears by to keep the gut in order. I am feeling much better but I just realised it’s 70% proof, maybe that’s why???

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