Ladybird 606D series.


Ladybird 606D series Rapunzel. 18p

Ladybird 606D series Rapunzel. 18p

Going through yet another box that hadn’t been unpacked since the rennovations, ( yes I know it was almost a year ago) I found all the kids’ Ladybird books.
In amongst them was my ‘Rapunzel’.
I loved this book, I have no idea how many times I read it.
The awesome thing about the 606D series is the illustrations. The modern books can’t hold a candle to them.

When I am in the UK, which isn’t often, I scour the charity shops for them.
I am particularly looking for ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’.
The 606D version of ‘Cinderella’ has Cinders going to the ball three consecutive nights, and each night she wears a different dress. I remember one of them was an emerald silk and I can see it so clearly, I can remember the TEXTURE of that dress.
It’s not that I am big fan of the Cinderella story or anything, but the illustrations transported me. her final gown, a shimmering white affair with flecks of gold was magnificent, better than anything Disney could attempt to come up with, and it was real to me, very real.

I realised, just now, because I am slow that I could probably find one on ebay or some where. I was surprised to find via the net, that people actually collect and sell these 606Ds and they are not cheap. A cinderella can cost 15- 20 quid!
Seeing each one, and there weren’t many in the series, (” well-Loved Tales,I think it was called), on a website I know I had them all, I had every single one of them ( 18p each). I wonder what happened to them and how come only my ‘Rapunzel’ survived whatever it was.

The man/woman/witch/wizard in the picture scared the shit out of me.

I also have another Ladybird book from around the same time, a sort of ‘I Can Read Now’ type of series.
One of the vocab targets is ‘woman’, I swear the picture is Jean Shrimpton.

There are a lot of kids books out there with awesome illustrations, ‘Rainbow Bear’, ‘the Bear Under the Stairs’, ‘a Walk in the Park’ and ‘The Mousehole Cat’ were some of my kids favourites, but the modern Ladybirds are such a let down.

9 thoughts on “Ladybird 606D series.

  1. My sisters bought the Cinderella book and I used to look at the books everyday. Just now we were talking about how beautiful the gowns are . I like the second gown

  2. In the Cinderella Ladybird 606D book the first dress was pink, the second blue and the last silver/gold – no emerald to be seen!

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