Nothing Happening Here.

It was a holiday yesterday. I can’t even remember what for, oh I do, Spring Equinox.
I went for a very long walk with my friend, observing Spring emerging everywhere.
After that I did twaddle.
Oh I lie, I played The Times Online Spelling Bee.
I was once very good at spelling, what I lacked in social or sports skills I made up for in spelling and word power. Seems now I have nothing to cling to. Equally crap at all things.
My only defence is sometimes the words were hard to hear, so I don’t think I will be winning the Nintendo DS.
Watched a shed load of TV, finished my Ben Elton book, googled Ben Elton for a while.
Watched some excellent Ricky Gervais, who even mentioned Ben Elton, so my day did have some kind of mini theme.
He said ‘some people’ think Ben Elton sold out.
Do they?
I don’t know, I have been out of the loop too long.
I have loved Ben Elton for years, I loved his crease shiny suits on FNL,so I don’t care, his books make me laugh and make me think, and doing both is the most I can manage in terms of multi tasking. I do not ask for more.
My needs are simple.
The Man took the chicklets swimming, Sunshine stayed in bed of course. My plan was to do some clearing up ready for our guests arriving. At least clear enough space on the floor for them to put their bags down.
Book and TV beckoned however and I did Jack Shit.
My day ended bawling over my camomile tea watching ‘Stepmom’.
In terms of achievement, not a good day.
In terms of enjoyment, pretty good!

10 thoughts on “Nothing Happening Here.

  1. Nice to “meet” somone else who remembers FTN – I used to love that in the eighties. The show that first introduced me to Harry Enfield and Chris Barrie. I used to love the comedy monologues that Ben Elton used to wrap up the show – very funny. Almost makes me miss the Thatcher years. Almost…!

  2. Oh yeah!! Stavros, Loadsa Money, tits first I’m not a slag. …great stuff.
    I have tried to watch some of Ben’s monolgues on youtube, but they are really grainy, I need to to buy some dvds.

  3. I believe ‘they’ think Ben Elton sold out when he wrote ‘ We will rock you’ the musical telling the story of the band Queen and teamed with Andrew Lloyd Webber to write a musical about Football called ‘The Beautiful Game’ and Phantom of the Opera Part 2 …oh he also voiced support for Mr Blair and his invasion of Iraq…..and then of course he invited Mrs Thatcher to be god mother to his third child….lol..I think thats what finally did for him …;)

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