Sometimes I think it’s better to post *something* just to keep my hand in.
Kids had their last day of school for this school year, today. I LOVE it, the holiday is not too long that I have to body slam them off the balcony, but long enough for us to relax, maybe go to the cinema, the cycle park, do some shit you know?
At work too, most of the students come to the end of their textbooks and it’s a chance to look and see how much they have actually learned in the past year and it’s gratifying to run mini test scenarios and see they they have indeed improved,grown expanded.
That aside I am beside myself that good friends, nay great friends are coming to stay for a few weeks, and I’ll be all loved-up and nurtured and laugh my arse off too.

This is irrelevent but I feel very very sad about Natasha Richardson’s death and I feel nothing at all about Jade Goody’s and I wonder if that makes me a bad person. I understand she wanted to do it for her kids, but Goody seemed to cheapen death, she sold it, but with Natasha, everyone around her and close to her have shown nothing but class. There I’ve said it so shoot me, I have thought of nothing else for the past few days.
I debated long and hard about whether or not to post this.

Then there were the two pilots at Narita yesterday and the 7 adults 7 kids in Butte.
Impossible to estimate the number of people who have ‘lost’ something precious in the past week.
A lot of people who didn’t get a chance to say what they wanted, to put things in order, to say ‘goodbye’, to make some money.
There are ‘goodbyes’ I didn’t get to say, shocks I still haven’t, and probably never will, fully absorb, perhaps it clouds my judgement here.

12 thoughts on “Drought!

  1. Re: Natasha Richardson and Jade Goody. I’m with you all the way. I hardly knew anything about Natasha but obviously knew of her family and her husband… but for some reason found the news so very sad. Jade Goody’s death has been (excuse the pun) done to death. It is very sad and I do feel sorry for her little kids but I didn’t like her persona when she was alive and I’m not going to change my mind now. The news coverage here has been OTT and mawkish. I’ve even heard her compared to Princess Di which sickens me! Even the vicar that married her to her husband appeared on TV and spoke of her brave journey to the “rainbow bridge”. I do hope he was referring to the name of a pub…!

  2. Yeah RIP Natasha Richardson..Do you remember going to see her acting with her mum in The Seagull at Manchester ? We were sitting waaaaay up in the Gods, so far up i can only really remember her centre parting ..but god could that centre parting act.

  3. I’m with you, too. Actually, I am embarrassed to say that I did not know who Jade Goody was, I had to look her up. But Natasha Richardson’s death made me sad, too. My kids loved the movie Parent Trap so I’ve seen her in that a lot.

    On a lighter note, happy school break!! I am looking forward to my spring break which starts Friday, yahoo. xoxo

  4. You’re here! You came LOL.
    Let’s ‘chat’ in some way over the hol.

    yeah, my girls loved The Parent Trap too, sadly they moved on to ’14 sai no haha’ ( The 14 year old Mother??) Oh life is short!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. and did you know that sylvia plath’s son committed suicide this week. so sad. i recently watched the film sylvia and wondered how those kids would fare…

    i, on the other hand, knew jane goody but not natasha richardson…heading to google now.

    nice post. i love coming over here.

  6. Thank you Tikitiki for your support always.
    I kokoro you. or is it, I shinzou you? LMAO.

    Yes! I read about that, Nicolas (? is it)Hughes, very sad.
    In fact get yourself off to Timesonline, some great pieces there about both Natasha and Nicholas.
    I learned a lot too, I didn’t know that Ted Hughes’ mistress had also kiled herself and ( her daughter).
    Don’t know though if the daughter was his or not though.
    The Natasha one had me bawling because it’s written by a personal friend of hers and it’s so raw and honest.

    Isn’t it Jane Goodall that you know? Or do you know a whole slew of Janes?

    yes I am finding this font a little easier to manage, shall we go to the meganeya together for our bifocals?

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