Oh Happy Day!

Sunday, a sunny sunny Sunday.
What shall we do? The vote lays with the chicklets.
We can drive for 2 hours to Kansai Cycling Centre where we can play all day on different types of funky bikes, or we can go up the mountain and do the ‘athletic’ army assault course through the forest.
Either way, it’s going to be an active day.

Meanwhile, disturbingly I have just noticed that when I changed my blog theme over I lost my archives from the sidebar.
Anyone having knowledge of their whereabouts should contact me 😉

I have finished all my maudlin reading and am now back with Bride Island which is wonderful and is making me think that I really want to buy an island and live with no electricity or running water, spending my days with my chicklets in little boats or digging for clams, whatever they might be.

Note to self: Change life.

3 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!

  1. you probably need to put in an archive widget.

    i lost my ABOUT and had to put in a page. took me many many tries my friend, many many tries.

    it’s all in the widgets, baby.

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