The Sun’s Deceit.

Somehow yesterday’s plan morphed into going to the amusement park on top of the mountain.
This even appealed to Sunshine who had steadfastly refused to get out of bed for anything involving physical exercise.
Even when I pleaded and said that doing stuff as ‘ a family’ was important. Actually, especially when I stressed the importance of doing stuff as a family.
” Don’t I have a RIGHT to chose?’ said she
She’s big on throwing the word ‘rights’ around at the moment. Oh joyous child/woman.
We hardly ever do amusement parks on the grounds that The Man and I hate them, so how it came up as an option and how it got voted through is beyond me, I must have been brushing my teeth at the time, but it was submitted for consideration and when put to the vote, won by a landslide.
Kev was so excited he ate half the collar on his T shirt. He has been eating his shirts quite a bit again recently but I don’t know why and he aint telling me.

So off we went.
The only problem was,despite the sunny sunny day it was frickin freezing. It was freezing at ground level and even colder up on top of the mountain, so the idea of going on rides that will take you even higher up did not appeal to me.
Still we went and The Man flashed the cash and bought the kids all day passes.
They all decided they were going on the roller coaster first and dashed straight over there. Everyone got on, got strapped in and then just as it was about to move off, Kev changed his mind. Just like he did last year.
So he persuaded me to go on a balloon ride of sorts where you sit in a ‘balloon’ and it goes up about 4 feet off thr ground and you can make it go an extra foot by pedalling. Oh what fun!
So as not to go ‘too high’ Kev has a little system worked out whereby we pedal 8 times, on his count, then stop for 4, then 8, then stop for 4, for the duration of the ride, which was thankfully brief.

We had a packed lunch in the sub-zero winds. Everyone ate all of theirs except Kev who was anxious to get back on the Merry Go Round. Yes, the Merry Go Round, which I had to go on with him for the first few times and sit on the next horse. he gripped my hand with one hand and the pole with the other, much like when he was 2!!
It’s beyond me how a kid can be so fearless in the park, climbing to the very top of fragile trees, jumping from great heights to seemingly nothing below, fearless in the ocean, causing us to have more than a few near heart attacks.
When he was 5 he scaled a flagpole at a soccer ground, and yet here he is, 10 years old, eating his shirt and holding my hand on a plastic horse?????
That said I did get a kick out of him loving the tinkley music and the wonky mirrors, smiling his face off, just loving being a kid.
Sunshine forgot how lame it was to be out with the family and had a great time and SHOWED it on her face.
Doris and Jim went on anything and everything a dozen times.
It was the perfect day, cold aside, until we got back to the car and Kev discovered that * someone* had finished what he had left of his lunch and he threatened to call the police.
Home for hot nabe and American Idol.

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