Really Misbehaving!

The boys’ behaviour was diabolical yesterday, absolutely dia-bloody-bolical. I was sorely tempted to bang their heads together and then go and rip out my own spleen with a spanner.
I had promised them karaoke in the afternoon after I got some stuff done around the house, stuff they were more than welcome to actually HELP me with. They chose not to help but to squabble and fight and smack 11 bells of shit out of each other for most of the morning till I was so angry even the unexpected windfall of two green Opal Fruits ( wrappers on) couldn’t calm me down. Doris came back from a sleepover, where it seems getting much sleep wasn’t on the agenda, so she was in a bit of a bad mood and before I knew it she was joining in with the general bickering and bellyaching.
I have renounced violence so had no alternative but to walk away. So I wandered down to the conbini to get some fags and clear my head, taking deep cleansing breaths.
At the conbini, I did something I would never have seen myself doing.
Now I am, very much, a creature of habit. Particularly in regards to what I eat. I am not big on trying new things.
at the Indian restaurant I like a chicken korma, at the Italian I like a nice carbonara, at the udon shop, always always, tempura undon and for ice-cream I’ll always have a choc-mint. Even at Baskin and Robbins, when I am tempted by the pinks and purples, when I could go for broke with the double choc-choc-chip, I stick with what I know, in case the unthinkable happens and I make a bum choice and get stuck with an inferior flavour and I am 2 quid out of pocket. A potential catastrophe.
So, imagine my surprise when I went into the conbini, marched up to the freezer like some kind of ice-cream buying pro, and calmly picked up a Hagen-Daaz Blueberry Cheesecake ice-cream. I was like a whole new person, I was Madonna ( without the adopting) I had re-invented myself.
I sat in the park and ate it, sucked back a few fags then went on the long march home.
The kids were still fighting. They asked if they could still go to karaoke. I said’ can you stop fighting for 30 minutes and help me out with some stuff?’
They said that no they could not.
So I said the only way they were going to to karaoke was if they hoofed it there themselves and coughed up their own cash.
They were not best pleased with that, but united in the hatred of me they all went outside to play.
Today is another day!

4 thoughts on “Really Misbehaving!

  1. nothing wrong with haagen daaz blueberry cheesecake… it’s got to be very very good.

    i always always go for the chocolate…in any combo..with mint, definitely.

    indian… dal curry with naan

    italian, a tomato with basil sauce (if they have it)

  2. blueberry cheesecake- I coudn’t do it. I’m just sure it was a disappointment….

    I agree
    choco mint and carbonara everytime.
    Indian-could be the dal or the sag chicken…I’m flexible there.

  3. In my book, ice cream is the answer to just about everything: illness, depression, celebration, boredom, dieting…. (got the idea?)

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