My FABULOUS Chicklets.

Well today, multiple radical personality transplants. Who are these children?
I went to work for an hour this morning and got back to a spotless abode, dishes done, floors swept, table wiped,
I hardly know the place. Possibly it was a ploy to get to go to karaoke today, possibly one of them read my blog and found out there were stray Opal fruits hanging around, whatever I don’t care, my house is clean, my kids are loving each other today.
After work I had to take doris to the orthodontist to have her brace cranked up, then everyone want off for udon, while I got some shiatsu to see if I can get rid of the headache.

I don’t actually like getting a massage. there are parts I like, like the sort of generic shoulder kneading, and I like having my hands done and the arms stretched back and stuff, but am not so keen on the finger pushed deep into the
pressure point, which is probably the part that actually works.
I can’t ever really relax I am always wondering how much time is left. Then while he is doing something intense and painful on my right side I know I still have the same to go on the left. Not a good subject for massage. The Man on the other hand LOVES it, he is happy as Larry if he books 2 hours, where I can only stand 20 minutes.
anyway I am going back tomorrow. The guy advised me to stay off the computer for a while but obviously I am ignoring him.
Now Kev is happily banging away on the piano and when his lesson is finished we’ll go sing some tunes.
well I wont be singing any actual tunes on account of being tone deaf, but I will have a warble.

9 thoughts on “My FABULOUS Chicklets.

  1. Like, this is so totally cool, like you know what I mean? “wink”, don’t I know you from the Valley? “joking”

    I could go for a massage any day, anywhere on any part of my body..

  2. No, sorry I don’t.
    Don’t even know which ‘valley’ you speak of.
    Valley of the Dolls? Valley of the shadow of death.
    Silicone Valley, Lightwater Valley, Frankie Valli???

  3. No worries… it was in reference to Valspeak– speaking Valley Girl– I was laughing because I use the word “like” a lot, esp according to wordle…lol

    California English dialect lexicon- I am a former transcendent from San Fernando Valley- I had not noticed how much I used it and my accent came out in my writing… and living in England… I have a strange accent I think.

    I use the words “dude” and “like” “as if” by habit most likely from living in N. Hollywood.

    I was poking fun at myself.. and you noticing how much you use the word “like”- and lol because your writing style is so familiar to mine.

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