How They’ve Grown

The Spring vaykayshun is over. Off they go back to school today, well 2 of them do, the boys do.
Lucky Jim, who was born not 10 minutes ago, whose tiny little organs almost packed in when he was two weeks old, who JUST started school the other day surely, is now a long piece of string, jumping up and down with the excitement of being a 3rd grader.
KevLAR is less excited, an anxiety wracked jibbering wreck really will be in the 5th.
can’t wait to hear which teachers they get this year. Fingers especially X’d for Kev, he *really* needs someone with a clue.
Doris starts on Wednesday. She’ll join the legions of shiny Chu- ichi s ( JHS 1) in their oversized uniforms and their blinding white plimsols.
Sunshine will breeze into Ko-ni (HS 2), I am sure with the same aplomb she breezed in with this time last year.

Unfortunately school lunches don’t kick in for the boys until next Monday, so they’re home by noon for a week, plus Thursday they have the day off because of the Entrance Ceremony for the new first graders.
Lunches don’t start for Doris until around the end of the month ( I think, I haven’t actually seen the papers with all the info on!) and it’s packed lunches for Sunshine.

The friends arrive mid- morning.
All in all, a good day looms.

10 thoughts on “How They’ve Grown

  1. well, my kids are home and I have fed them a nice nutritious and filling lunch… now i think we will all cut out paper dolls and snow flakes and decorate our window for spring… good quality family time…. then they will do their chores, set the table and we will all sit down for a norman rockwell dinner.

    how about you?

  2. I well remember feeling depressed at an imminent return to school while recognizing the sheer joy and relief in the face of my mother… now I know how she felt and why.

  3. Exactly the same Jan, except instead of spring decs, we made gifts to send to the orphans.

    Silsetto. YES!!

    btw, Kev got the teacher from HELL, of all the possibilities she is the last one I would have chosen, I envisage visits to the school.
    Jim , I don’t know his teacher but he seems happy.

  4. well, how nice… in between, we found some time to knit socks for war veterans…and we have already started our seedlings for arbor day.

    i guess we did o.k.teacher-wise…
    except that one lady said to me today, oh i am so glad she (her daughter) didn’t get XXX-sensei to which I replied… no, but Kai did…

    Kayla has a new one to the school and kazu has the same one as last year….

    um… volcanoes in chile and alaska have blown and the earthquake in italy… missiles in Japan and is this the armageddon???

  5. Oh ‘toe up’ I think, and yes you can’t move around here for cable hooks.

    I’ll try to do it tomorrow, we said we’d translate Harry Potter into braille this arvo.

  6. lmao. Really, do you think Latin was a valid use of your time, though I know you have a lot on your hands ( time that is). Perhaps you could follow our lead and open up your own soup kitchen?

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