Where’ve I been?

Reading ‘ A Piece of Cake’ by Cupcake Brown. UNPUTDOWNABLE!
Fell asleep with it in my hand, woke up with it still on my face this morning.
I was a blubbering wreck even hours after I finished it. Made lunch.
Jumped into bed for a quick nap but started reading ‘The Middle Place’ by Kelly Corrigan.
Also an excellent read, making me laugh and cry.

Now must prepare family vittals so everyone can eat and have a bath before the American Idol vote off.
2 people WILL BE going home tonight.
Not sure who? I would say it wont be:
bluesy piano guy in hat
quirky tattoo girl
Lil Lil
Of course I could be wrong, I have been before, about so many things and I confess to knowing shit.

Kev’s Cunning Plan
Let’s Get A Pet

4 thoughts on “Where’ve I been?

  1. I have not had the chance to read any books lately..everything has been school books and manuals of some sort— for classes that I have been taking.

    American Idol– I was surprise they kept Anoop (sp)?

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