And So to Pets.

Twas decided yesterday that we would foray out into the world to the pet shop and buys some birds.
Kev was all over the plan but Doris and Jim suggested a cat.
I said, firmly , ‘No, no way, not ever.’
They whined asked sweetly, ‘Why?’
‘ Cos I hate cats, can’t stand them, never have, never will.’

‘well then, a dog?’
‘ No, equally not happening.”
‘Too much work that I will end up doing, plus too expensive, vaccinations, vets bills etc, no!’
‘Then a cat.’
‘ No, there will be neither cat nor dog on the premises. In fact, right here, right now I will compile a list of possible pets.
You may choose from the list, you may each choose one, if they are not really expensive perhaps you can each choose 2. ‘

fish ( anything reasonable)
bird of the budgie/canary type
hedgehog ( Ha! don’t think I have seen a hedgehog in over 30 years)

Anything rodenty ( hamster/gerbil/guinea pig)
Anything that runs around and might bite ( ferrets/rabbits etc)

Kev stuck with his original choice of a bird ( or 10 and he wants to keep them all in his own room)
Jim and Doris, clearly deaf as frickin posts chose ‘ cat’.

Doris launched into her story about how her friend Kana has two adorable kittens that sit on the palm of your hand, and suck your finger.
How the female is very pretty but weak apparently, and the male is not ‘good looking’ but he is strong. This sidetracked me a little, into a mini lecture on stereo-typing/advertising/blame the media crap, until Doris explained that the female has HIV, or as we found out after a google search, FIV, as it is known within the feline community.

So I tried another tack, I said, ‘Sweet things, please listen, the cat thing, the dog thing, it is an unequivocal NO.
There is no ambiguity here, there is not a shred of a ‘maybe’, or a ‘we’ll see’, not a hope in Hell of an ‘I’ll talk to your Father’. No cat. no dog, end of story.

” Okay, what about Wii?”

9 thoughts on “And So to Pets.

  1. I vote cat or rabbit….oh wait they are both on your “forbidden” list. What do you have against rabbits…they are clean and quiet. You can train them to go in a litter box or newspaper.

  2. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    i grew up with all kinds of pets… but now i will let the kids have only fish.

    and giant beetles, in the summer.

    and there’s a cat that sleeps on our deck.

  3. Birds – much as I love them (doing a falconry course next month) – are messy and smelly and I don’t feel good about seeing them caged. Personally I’d love a dog but have forebore from acquiring one for the reasons you give above – they’re hard work. Lovely but hard work. And expensive to run. Cats are a good option and I’ve promised the wife we’ll get one as soon as the toddler is older but, alas, the feline is on your no-no list.

    How about guinea pigs?

  4. Ditoh, I wont have talk like that in my house šŸ˜‰

    Silsetto, A course in falconry, I want to hear more about that, meanwhile guinea pig is clearly on the forbidden list under ‘rodenty’.I know what you mean about caged birds but I can get past it at this time.

    wihn, quite, there is plenty go on outside for them too, we have the beetles, the cicadas and the whole spawn to frog bit to look forward to yet.

  5. I have a dog and love him. yes, he’s work and a bit expensive, but much cheaper than the kids!

    How about this for an idea….a duck! Friends of ours actually keep one in the house as a pet and love him. He wears diapers! haha I laugh sooooo hard whenever I see him waddling with the diapers on. He has the run of the house and there’s a kiddie pool in the kitchen. In the summer, they take him (actually a her named Abby) to the lake to swim with the family. Another funny bit… she’s afraid of Elmo, both the stuffed toy and the TV show. I laugh so hard when I talk about this.
    So, after reading your blogs for a couple of months, I think you would be a perfect family to own a pet duck!

  6. how about a brahman bull? they bring good luck and virility to a family. the female counterpart brings … milk.

    i was thinking of birds too…the bapkat
    guinea pigs are nice. i think you could get over their rodentilium.

  7. Tikitiki, I have heard the same said about husbands.LOL.

    On the subject of guinea pigs, I am sorry but their
    rodentiliumdipity is insurmountable at this time.

    You lot are worse than the damn kids trying to talk me into something from the ‘no’list šŸ˜‰
    You’ll all be asking for a Wii next.

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