A Day in the Garden.

A quiet evening last night with Doris and Jim out at Tae Kwon Dou, Sunshine on the phone and Kev awarded DS priviledges for good behaviour.
I fannied about getting not much of anything done till Feet and Sleuth made it back from Kyoto.
They’d had an interesting but tiring day wandering around the textile district. I offered to bathe their feet and make them a nice cup of tea but they blew me off and cracked open a bottle of red.
I wanted them fit and well so I can put them to work in the garden today. They have professional gardening credits on their cvs that I don’t want to see go to waste.
Last time they were here they did all sorts of jobs in the house, painting, decorating, building. They built me a fabulous patio. This time though, perhaps it’s age creeping up on them, they are pretty much sitting around doing nothing and of course I don’t mind at all, but, I feel I should put them to work before their bodies and minds suffer some serious atrophy.
So, I’ll go for my morning walk and crack the whip a bit when I get back.

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