Week’s End.

Today is the last day of school with no lunches, Praise Be!!!
From next Monday everyone is back in school full time. As the government talks about bringing back school on Saturdays
it makes me wonder, yet again, how they justify the entire waste of time that this week has been.
Doris at her new JHS, finished at 11.30 both yesterday and today. They haven’t even got their books yet, they have ‘ toured club’. this means they have wandered around the school checking out the various after school clubs that are available, maybe we can now all stop pretending that the point of going to JHS is about anything other than club affiliations and filling in the socialisation gaps from elementary school.
Oh stop moaning woman!

So I went to work and then at lunch time it was just me and the boys, so I took them out for a bite and they were both very pleasant. Kev of course did his usual trick of going missing on the way back to the car but we soon found him this time.
Doris had gone to Kana’s to play with the kitten and moan about what an animal hating old bag her mother is and how she isn’t allowed anything more exciting than a hedgehog.
Sunshine went off to study/suck face with The Love.

Feet and Sleuth doddered off to Kyoto to try and recapture their youth, good luck with that guys.
If today’s pollen count doesn’t do them in and no one’s knees give up, they should make it back to the comfort of my busom some time this evening.
I really must restock the beers in the fridge and notify the council that our output of cans for recycling will show a sharp increase and they shouldn’t consider giving anyone the weekend off, they’ll need all hands on deck.

In case a distant reader feels ‘ Jeez that woman is a bitch, ragging on her friends’, I will tell you they would expect nothing less, if they were left unragged upon they’d find it insulting. Ragging is our default method of communication. Indeed, even after a 6 year gap we fell right back into it;)

4 thoughts on “Week’s End.

  1. Your verbage always makes me laugh and keeps me curious. You are living in Japan with very good English and use slang that I used in my teens. I haven’t heard the word “ragging” in decades. haha It really is fun reading your thoughts.
    As a teacher, I don’t support the idea of school on Saturdays. But I think you are right in that the actual school days could be put to better use. I see sooooo many kids just wandering the halls at my school here in N.Y. The bathroom is a real hot spot. Kids go in to text their friends, meet their boyfriends (the girls, that is) and just hang out. The other hot spots are lockers and the nurse’s office. The little ones want to go to the nurse if an eye lash is out of place!
    So, my friend, have a beer and relax this weekend.
    Happy Easter! (I don’t think you celebrate that. haha)

  2. Thanks Sfrack.
    Yes, I am stuck in a slang time warp, sitting at my computer a zillion miles away I don’t notice it, but when I go back to the UK , people look at me like I am Rip Van Winkle. I have also taken to adopting slang I read on the internet unaware that it is only used by 12 year old girls in Essex or something.
    One day maybe there will be a Ministry for the Conservation and Protection of 80’s Slang and they’ll make me the chief. LOL.
    Thankfully Japan has not yet discovered Easter.

  3. it’s a blessing from buddha to have great friends you can be yourself with. if being yourself includes ragging, it’s even better!

    if there is school on saturday, then that would cut seriously into club time (which in our case has been very consistent with all day saturday and all day sunday participation….)and the younger kids would have to rearrange their juku/swimming/soroban/shuji/kodomkai schedules. and teachers would have even less time with their families. and people would travel even less. spend less money. the economy would plummet…taxes will go up. oh, it’s all so depressing.

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