Gardening for Dummies.

I’ll take a break ( for a second) from ripping the piss out of Feet, because he has proved himself to be a wonderful natural resource. The man is a veritable mine of gardening information.
In just two days of superb weather, I have gone from knowing a little bit about the garden ( like where it is) to knowing a fair bit more, or at least having hundreds of handy hints on post-its stuck everywhere. I am not quite ready to host my own gardening advice show on prime time telly, but there is hope.
I had always thought I was an intuitive gardener but it appears that there is some basic science involved and if you follow a few simple rules, nature, Mother of us all, takes over, and hopefully we’ll be tucking into the fruits of our labour.
Too bad Feet and Sleuth will be long gone and I can eat it all myself.
Today it is pouring down, great news for my newly planted garden of course, not so good for all the washing I have neglected to do these past few days.
Last night we actually sat down and watched a film. We decided on ‘Walk The Line’, I have seen it about 20 times, Sleuth never and Feet, ‘not all the way through’, so t’was a pleasant evening, though Jim and Doris wouldn’t touch the film because there were ‘no subtitles’ , Kev was having a meltdown over a missing music bag and Sunshine took advantage of our distraction to stay in the bath for two hours.
I will be playing Mr Cash all day today and the funky-fact we take from the film is that June Carter and not Mr Cash, actually wrote ‘Ring of Fire’, that’s the kind of question that could come up on a quiz show, so let’s all try to remember it shall we?

6 thoughts on “Gardening for Dummies.

  1. I love the theory of gardening but just can’t get to grips with the science in a physical way. Thankfully I have a wife who loves doing it. Now that’s the kind of science I can do.

  2. planted some bean seeds the other day… and totally dug up the garden mixing in the compost from last winter.

    have not yet seen the movie. looking forward to it eventually.

    share some gardening knowledge with me!!!

  3. Silsetto, sounds like you have a good plan, does your wife by any chance have a secret ‘ how-to-garden’ blog you haven’t told me about??

    wihn, I’ll send you my post-its.

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