The Weekend Comes.

Up at dawn’s first crack, tending my crops. Morning Glories just started poking through, rocket shoots, coriander shoots, beans still racing up the fence.
A glorious day weather wise.
Kev has already had, not one, but two meltdowns. One over a polite request to please change his filthy T-shirt, the second over my failure to inform him that there was a smidgeon of potato chip pie, left over from last night, and thus he had ordered the french toast option for breakfast.
He told me that I am ‘the devil’, he may be right, maybe I am, how does one ever know for sure that they’re not, apparently the devil comes in many guises. Not so bad I think, my friend told me yesterday that her daughter called her Dad a ‘ drunken pube’. Very original, where could she possibly have heard that?
I have thrown him out into the sunshine to play. He’s probably scouting the baseball ground for a lost 10 yen so he can phone Childline.
Meanwhile Feet and Sleuth are taking it easy today after a heavy day of shopping and eating yesterday.
They’re surveying the hordes of ‘stuff’ they’ve bought and working out the logistics of getting it all into two small suitcases.
Not much time to post today am running around at Feet and Sleuth’s beck and call.
They’re off on Monday, when normal programming will resume, but then of course I’ll have nothing to write about.

2 thoughts on “The Weekend Comes.

  1. Drunken pube? Golly – I must remember that one. Our eldest had a meltdown over the PlayStation on Wednesday which he is still paying for – banned for three days. It’s done wonders for his temperament…

  2. It’s hilarious isn’t it! Her Mother wasn’t impressed though;)

    The whole action consequence thing works a treat with my other kids but not with Kev, he cannot grasp the concept and his meltdowns are over NOTHING most of the time, someone inadvertently inhaling a smidge of his oxygen could set him off.

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