Great New Discoveries.

One of the oh -so- very- many issues I battle with my son over, is the cleanliness, or lack of, as it happens ,in the area of his fingernails.
He doesn’t like to cut them or have them cut, so I always have to physically grab him and I let him leave one on each hand uncut, so his baby fingers are a foot long and he looks like a coke dealer.
The grime that collects in his nails is unbelievable, I actually wonder if his favourite outdoor game is packing his nails with dirt.
I wonder if he sits outside for hours on end and slowly, oh so slowly shoves as much dirt in as he can.
My remedy for this has been, once more, the pin him down method and scrape under his nails with a toothpick while imagining I am collecting trace evidence from a crime scene. I probably am actually.

The arrival of Feet and Sleuth changed all that, I spied one day at the back of the sink, a gizmo, a gadget, a fabulous piece of wizardry for keeping one’s nails clean.
It’s a little sort of square-ish brush for the nails!! A ‘nailbrush’ if you will.
So I shot off to the 100 yen shop today, bought him one, wrote his name on it with an orange marker.
Unbelievable as it sounds, he loves it, gorgeous gorgeous nails he has now.
So thanks Feet and Sleuth for bringing such ingenuity into our happy home, and keep me posted if you hear of anything else.
I’m sort of thinking about another brush scheme, and I shouldn’t put it on the blog because I ahven’t patented the idea yet, don’t even know if anyone else has thought of it, but a similar but much smaller brush, maybe on a long slender handle, which could do the same job on teeth. A ‘toothbrush’.???

5 thoughts on “Great New Discoveries.

  1. LOL! Both my kids are like that. I told them they could have long nails if they kept them clean…I’m off to the 100yen store to get some nail brushes.

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