There’s Nothing.

I have nothing today. It’s been a strange few days really with Feet and Sleuth’s departure and not knowing when I’ll see them again, and the teacher visits and the slow wind down after the whole yakkuin stress thing. I feel at a loss for inspiration.
It didn’t help that I read this morning that they are scouting around to cast “Jade Goody The Musical’.
What? The idea of it killed off any functioning creative brain cells I might have had when I woke up.
Then * Alli* the diet pill has been cleared for sale in the UK. When it was released in the US there was info all over peoples’ blogs indicating that the blurb for the pill actually says, ‘if you leave the house take spare clothes with you’.
Basically you are going to shit yourself. That is some diet, surely cutting back on portions and maybe taking a walk would be less embarrassing.

So you see, I have nothing today. Our Kev, our young Kevvers has been no walk in the park these past few weeks, and myself and tether’s end are close.
All is not lost, I still have my beans.
In the garden I am reminded of a song we used to sing in school assembly. maybe they still sing, maybe it’s been banned for it’s Christian overtones, maybe assemblies have ceased to exist altogether. I don’t know.
I just don’t know.

Glad that I live am I
That the sky is blue.
Glad for the country lanes
and the fall of dew.
After the sun the rain,
After the rain the sun,
This is the way of life,
Since the world begun.

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