Spending and Bike Riding.

A rare Saturday off gave us the chance to go visit the outlaws.
Sunshine of course had better things to do but the other three were up for it.
The morning we whiled away watching Survivor and playing Bookworm, Doris reached the dizzy heights of ‘assistant librarian’ which I thought was quite impressive.

Managed a quick phone chat with Ditoh while preparing the chicklets lunch.
Standards for lunch on Saturdays are low in our house,very, very low, in fact we quite often end up just going out for ramen. Saturday lunch has to be easy to make, edible and everyone home likes it.
Which usually leaves us with noodles in one form or another.
I am not one of * those* mothers who thinks every food group should be properly represented at each meal, over the course of a day ( or 2!) will suffice.

So, stuffed to the gills on somen off we went to ‘The Land That Time Forgot’.
On arrival, the chicklets of course claimed to be on the brink of starvation, so enough home grown, home made food to feed a large platoon was produced out of thin air and they chowed down for the second time in 40 minutes.

I am very fortunate in the outlaw department. they are and always have been very good to me. They never had, or at least never voiced any reservations about The Man and I getting married. In fact years later my MIL said they were secretly glad and relieved, not to mention surprised, that someone had taken their long-haired, unwashed, guitar playing son off their hands.

The reason for the visit, other than for the chicks to see their grandparents, hear stories of post war poverty and catch up on who is ill these days, was to go to the big Sporting Goods shop. For no apparent reason the powers that be built a huge sports shop in ‘The Land That Time Forgot’, and we had to kit young Doris out with stuff for softball.
She needed a glove, some cleats and a ball. I foolishly tucked 10,000 yen in my purse.

The trip to the shop was fun because we got to go on the outlaws’ cronky old bikes. Living on a steep incline as we do we don’t ride bikes much. By which I mean I haven’t ridden a bike since we moved in and the kids ride their bikes on the flat down at my school.
So we got to bomb along, on the pavement, as is the custom here, ignoring everything we learnt for our
‘cycling proficiency test’ ( I still have my badge), ringing our bells loudly to make pensioners jump out of the way.

At the shop,there was quite a bit of gawping going on, they don’t see many like ‘us’ round these ‘ere parts.
Other customers appeared truly shocked by our presence, looking outside to the carpark for the Tardis.
I was in for a shock myself, a huge shock actually, when I saw that the glove alone was 10,000 yen.
I felt like my Dad must have felt when my Mum would laughingly tell the story about how she told him we 3 kids needed new shoes and he gave her a tenner.
Clearly we will need our plastic friend today.
After looking at every pair of cleats in the shop at least 3 times, a pair was selected, another 10,000!
Somewhere here I crossed my own misers’ Rubicon and became a ‘Yes’ Mama rather than the usual, ‘No’ Mama.
Doris expressed a desire for Puma shorts at only 6,000, some Pumas T-shirts, a water bottle, a softball…..Yes Yes Yes, I said, I loved the sound of it.
I got a little bit high loading up the basket, now that we were in the realm of plastic, paying out over 20,000 for ‘essential’ items for a sport I know nothing about, ( I am guessing it’s like rounders with longer bats?) money ceased to have any meaning or value, it was very liberating, I may do it again!

So we staggered out laden down, wondering what Sunshine would say when she saw the Puma shorts, the same Puma shorts she had begged for for 3 years, that I had scoffed at the price of. ( To be fair to me I was supporting a mobile phone habit of hers). I had to explain to Doris, how we explain shopping to the Father.
While I would never, ever ever, condone deceit of any kind, ofcourse, I had to explain to her that Daddy does not always want or need, to know ALL the details.
So when the Visa bill comes in and he has a mild heart attack, we just say, ‘Oh yeah that was all the softball gubbins we had to buy’.
We are doing Daddy a huge favour by sparing him the details. I needn’t have bothered, seems Sunshine has already given Doris the ‘ Shopping’ segment of the ‘ How To Manipulate The Parents” tutorial.
Poor poor Sunshine, she has no elder sister to show her the ropes, she has had to learn it all herself through trial and error. Lucky, lucky Doris.

So back on the bikes. Ring-a-ling. Next stop Kev and the second hand book shop.
A great day, and American Idol tonight.

6 thoughts on “Spending and Bike Riding.

  1. I am laughing hysterically, this was often a convo mum and I had together before we got home to daddy after a shopping spree.

    I really enjoy your writing style, it’s fun, and fresh and I like how transparent you are in your writings.


    “would you mind if I add you to my Japan blog roll”?

  2. Hi “whereishenow”, I meant that I really admire women who are transparent when the write and blog about themselves- honest and true! I think blogging and transparency is all about allowing our real self be seen. It is what makes blogs and people so interesting. For me, I blog about the good, the bad so-to-speak. Allowing to let our real selves be known is a freedom (at least for me)

    I really admire men & women who share regular about deep expressions, it shows confidence and that is very attractive to readers.

    Even if it only provides a window, it allows the readers to see truly who “we” are as people, coming here was nice and fresh to see, know others who only blog with secrets and pretenses and put-ons, so it was nice and fresh to see how “transparent” Missbehaving is, it’s nice, its fresh.

  3. Girljapan, I completely agree with you about Miss Behaving. I read her log because of her wit and “telling it like it is” style. I laugh out loud frequently with her writings. I love the fact that I am in NY and I can check in daily with someone in Japan. I can learn cultural, educational, and parental tidbits in a relaxed, informal setting. Although we have never met, I feel like I have a friend on the other side of the world who keeps me quite amused. Very cool! Thanks Miss Behaving!

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