Gran Torino.

Have I mentioned before how brilliant I think this film is. It’s so fabulous, that even though I have already seen it, I am willingly going to dole out 1,000 yen of my hard earned cash to go to the cinema and watch it again.
Today in Nara, is ‘Ladies Day’ ( ‘I’m a LADY you know’, as opposed to ‘ the only gay in the village’) it’s only 1,000 yen at the cinema.I usually work Tuesdays so cannot take advantage of Ladies Day, but I am off today.
So my dear friend Sue Me and I will have a mosey on to Starbucks and take in Gran Torino and 2 hours of Clint Eastwood at his finest . His finest in all aspects, his storytelling, his direction, his acting.
Gran Torino, ( along with Crash) should be shown in High Schools everywhere.

Then a dash back home for the chicklets coming in early for yet another day of kouku meguri.

Kev and Jim left the house on fine form, Kev even called out ” I love you” as he left, strange but true, and they ran down the street together alomst like brothers, like 2 boys from the same family. Oh how my hearts swells 😉

It’s very chilly again now and the tops of my fingers are numb and typing is difficult.
More if and when I warm up.

4 thoughts on “Gran Torino.

  1. dear silsetto.

    i only know who and what because miss behaving told me so. we can both join the “so out of touch” club together.

    i don’t like going in to town. i like to stay home.. what is your excuse!!!

    dear miss behaving… thank you for keeping me in the loop. I will wait for it to hit cable and then give you my opinion. thanks for your recommendation. it is chilly here too.

  2. Oh Silsetto, this is right up your dark alley, it’s all about a grumpy old man 😉 LOL. Clint Eastward is said GOM, wondering what happened to America as gangs take over his neighbourhood. A thoroughly original screenplay.
    Of many great lines one of my favourites is when Eastward finds a gang of black youths harrassing a young Hmong girl.
    He says, ( something like) ” You’ll have noticed how every once in a while you come across someone you shouldn’t have fucked with. That would be me.”
    It was even better the second time around.
    whereishenow, I am going to send it to you.I’ll drag you into this century if it kills me 😉

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