Gran Torino 2.

What an excellent day! The film was worth every penny. I had great coffee and chat with Sue Me. She was roped in for double yakkuin duties last year so we fell out of our cinema going pattern. The game is back on.
Got home, shortly thereafter the chicklets came in and we hoofed into ‘town’ to pay some bills and buy books for the people who behaved.
On the way back we called into a friend’s, someone we hadn’t seen in a while, and while the kids played on the Wii, she and I chatted. Turns out she in interested in macrobiotics too, and she invited me to a macrobiotic cooking class at the end of next month, so I’m glad I dropped by.
Now it’s 6pm and I have absolutely zero plan for dinner tonight and no rice cooking and Doris has just told me she needs a bento for tomorrow.
I have had far too good a day to dwell on domestic concerns.
Tomorrow is Showa no Hi, so ( yet again) no school !

2 thoughts on “Gran Torino 2.

  1. We did eat genmai when we followed macro. I found it easy enough to follow but it got boring and my kids revolted. ( see previous posts), I am going to try again but be less strict with the kids’ food. The great thing is that it all originates in Japan so the ingredients are readily available.

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