A Pleasant Surprise.

I did not know until he failed to rise for work that The Man had the day off today. As previously mentioned there is a mega public holiday going on known as Golden Week. Of course it would be ridiculas to expect he have a week off, but he does have 3 days. As I myself had to work today this relieved me of the burden of dealing with Kev or making dinner.
Usually on a Saturday we drop by the supermarket on the way home from work and buy ready made stuff and eat it in front of the TV watching American Idol.

So after a week or so off I returned to the world of phonics and jolly good it was too.
Insomnia again up at 5a.m. so watched some SVU before waking Doris for softball. Trust me an insane rant about ‘bukatsu’ is coming. We made her a mega bento, God she can eat, I can see us going broke feeding these kids over the coming years. I tried to put a load of cucumber in as it was the only green thing we had to hand, she tossed it out claiming she ‘isn’t a caterpillar’. That’s all I need, another kid with attitude in the house.
Sunshine relieved of the burden of Kev, leapt out of bed at 11a.m. to go to The Love’s house. She came home at 7.30 pm with yet another mark on her neck, she must keep falling over at his house, maybe they have loose floorboards.
Kev and The Father played ball all day. I returned from work with young Jim and Doris in tow to a cooked dinner and a hot bath. American Idol is on in 20 mins. Life’s not too shabby.

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