Costco, Kushi and the Diet Dichcotomy.

T’as been a weird week my friends, strange days indeed.
Feeling the need to make quite radical changes in diet and lifestyle. My friend bringing up the macrobiotic class gave me a good push to get the macro books back out and think seriously about having another go with it.

I scouted amazon for some other books too and came across 2 that looked good, ‘Modern Day Macrobiotics’ and ‘The Macrobiotic Path To Total Health. I popped those in my cart before I changed my mind and for good measure threw in Law and Order SVU season 8, so I have something to watch while I slowly starve to death.

Unfortunately the next day was a big trip to Costco. I only go 2-3 times a year because I go when Uncle Brick is going, cos I am too much of a wuss to drive on the expressway through Osaka.
Now they have good value products at costco. The bulk packs save quite a lot of money for a family of 6, plus they have stuff we can’t get nearby such as bagels, whole roast chickens and pita bread. Costco though doesn’t stock much in the way of natural foods, you don’t see the little ‘organic’ logo there much, it’s really all about cheap, big and easy, moreorless the opposite of the macros lifestyle. Still I decided to go and just get the stuff that the kids really like.
The place was absolutely heaving and no one has yet told the Japanese women that shopping is not a group sport, you can’t walk down the aisles 6 abreast and then stop and calculate how much 5 litres of mirin would be per person.
I digress, we were in and out pretty much SAS style. We were shopping for a total of 5 other people too, so we were pretty loaded. I also bought 2 of their pizzas to go. Of course they checked our receipts, how they can possibly tell if there was an unpaid item in the cart is beyond me, but shouganai, they always check. They checked my bag too, little did they know I was hiding to 10kg jars of coffee in my back pocket.

Home again, we were just unloading the boxes and boxes of stuff into my house when the delivery man pulled up with my Amazon order, FINALLY!!! Jeez I ordered it a good 18 hours before, lucky it was free shipping or I might have had to
lodge a complaint.

So shopping away, I ripped into the beautiful macrobiotic books, with an epsiode of SVU playing in the background.
The ‘ Modern-Day Macrobiotics’ is a lovely book, full of glorious photos of just how appetising macro can be, I had to be very careful not to let the oil slide of my pizza as I flicked through it.

Yes, big change is afoot. When to start? When to start? We are at the beginning of a 5 day holiday so now might not be the best time, I think I’ll have trouble with it, The Man is home for 3 days and he is a great cook.
We’re going out for lunch now, the chicklets have unanimously voted for delicious but nutritionally bereft ramen.
Better to ponder my quandry on a full stomach.
( I will delete all comments with the word procrastination in ) 😉

4 thoughts on “Costco, Kushi and the Diet Dichcotomy.

  1. #1. eat in harmony with nature…
    #2. balance natural forces in cooking…
    #3. use food to create desired effects…

    (from the self-healing cookbook)

    no procrastination. just do it.

  2. No ‘P’ word, I think I was clear, don’t make me come down and intercept the postman 😉

    Silsetto, you gotta with the programme man, anti biotics are out, its pro-biotics now, you should be okay though you have your wife growing all that great stuff for you.

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