Becareful What You Wish For.

Remember the pet dilemma? Rumour has it that Kev won 3 chicks at the county fair yesterday.
Kev, Jim and The Man went over to the outlaws to stay the night. I took the opportunity to get some serious clearing up done, getting some winter stuff put away and watch some more SVU.
Kev phones to say he had won the chicks. I think ‘won’ might be a bit of a stretch, I’m guessing he played some matsuri game enough times that they gave him them. Shall have to google ‘care of chicks’.

Meanwhile the lasses and I had a girly night with too much food, American Idol, The Amazing Race and some toenail painting.

More good news for me, an old friend is coming to visit at the end of this month, haven’t seen her for umpteen years,
upteem here meaning maybe 20 or 25.
No time for this, gotta build a chicken coop.;)

3 thoughts on “Becareful What You Wish For.

  1. There’s nothing better than free range eggs… especially when they’re free! Apparently chickens have real personalities and can be a lot of fun to keep. Failing that they make a great Sunday roast… 😉

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