A Star in the Sky!

Little Star was buried this morning. Jim is crushed. I’m surprised actually how hard he has taken it. He cried on and off throughout the day. doris was the same years back with the unfortunate incident of the frog. Though I did tell her that frogs and pockets weren’t a great combo.
He put him in half a tissue box, wrapped up in what was one of my favourite hankies, dug a hole between the plum tree and the rosemary, had a long deep sob, and we let him go.
It’s tough letting kids deal with death. In some sense maybe it prepares them for the losses that are inevitable, and I was a quite a loss for what to say. I ended up going with the whole Heaven theme,( which starts with ‘some people believe…’) so now Jim has an image of Star, ( 3 inches tall) frollicking around a green green land with Grandparents he never knew and about 40 goldfish that have passed through our house on their brief journeys.

Meanwhile today was day one of my macro endeavour. I’m aiming at to do the 10 day programme. After a day of miso soup, brown rice and steamed veggies I am full but very sleepy.
Still on Gw holidays here, no school tomorrow. The Man went back to work today but luckily for him he got home in time to enjoy the macro dinner, the kids had yakisoba.
The rain is coming down in torrents, I reckon Jack’ll be trying to climb my beanstalks by tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “A Star in the Sky!

  1. Poor Jim, Poor Star..next to the Rosemary
    “.. rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray, love, remember ” as Ophelia said in one of her more mad moments.

  2. Death is always a difficult concept for kids (and most adults). Without wanting to belittle the experience I think frogs are good practise animals… dogs hurt much much more.

  3. Thanks for reminding me, I’ll get Jim on Hamlet!!
    One less chick to scare Withering too.

    Silsetto, I have no experience with the loss of dogs, though it did cross my mind yesterday how much more difficult that would be.

  4. although we all felt sad at the loss of our childhood dog (for me, from 5 to 18) I think it was my mom who took it hardest, she was the one who took the most care and also was home with her the most….

    poor little star… i am not very comfortable with those matsuri booths that profit from the animals that are doomed from the beginning… and all the poor kids that suffer the consequences…

  5. Yes, I think the entire practice of selling these animals off the way they do is highly questinable. The goldfish are one thing, I know everyone just runs out and gets a goldfish bowl, but really, chicks in 2LDK??

    TM nice to see you. I hope yu don’t have to deal with it anytime soon.
    Coffee, not really on the menu, I did have a cup this morning though, (fresh ground organic, fair trade). With the macro way, it’s not so much what’s allowed, what isn’t, as how it affects you and how you want to be feeling, finding the irght balance for your own lifestyle.

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