Jim has made a full recovery and now everyone is totally focused on the surviving chick Angel.
I fear it’ll all end in tears cos Kev keeps letting it out of the box to run around, which is fair enough of course, but we have light wood floors and it’s a little yellow thing and I am clumsy as all Hell and never look where I’m going. This will require vigilence.
So Angel has moved in as one of the family and is spending time running aorund the table crapping on everyone’s homework. ” Sorry Miss, my chicken crapped on my homework!”
I must admit it’s really cute, it’s still all fluffy, I don’t know how I’ll manage when it grows into an ugly, angry pecking beast.
It tweets all the time too, which is unfortunate because some bright spark thought it would be fun to set our landline ring tone to ‘tweeting birds’ so I keep getting up to answer the phone, forgetting that my one friend already called me today.
One of these days I’ll pay a child learn to change the ringtone.

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