A Field Trip ( or 2).

Doris has ( yet another) day off school, it’s Founding day, or Foundation Day or Establishment day or something.
Lucky for Jim and Kev, they both have school field trips. That’s fun right? Something jolly ? You’d think that Kev would have woken up in a great mood, with a day at the lake looming rather than maths, kanji and lining up. If you thought that, like me, you’d be wrong!
Young Kevvers woke up in a foul foul foul mood.
They had to leave about half an hour earlier than usual, that might be what did it, you never can tell.
Last night he had promised me that if I let him put his clothes back on after his bath and sleep in them, that he would change his clothes this morning.
So I toasted him a bagel, and as a surprise had got his favourite chocolate spread for it. So when he got up at 6.30 I asked him to get changed, at which point the meltdown began and he insisted there was no time to change, he had not one second to spare, he had to be out of the house pronto to be at school by 7.30.
When I pointed out that he had time on his hands, and that had he perhaps made a small mistake looking at the clock, that it was in fact only 6.30 and not 7.30, he had a hissy fit about why on Earth had he been woken so early and what’s a chap got to do to get some shut eye round here.
Moving into round 2. I let go of the fact that he was wearing his brothers trousers that are waaay to short, I comforted myself with the fact that they were clean and out I came with the chocolate slather bagel to bring joy to his life and light to his eyes, ” What are you doing”, he screamed, ” I wanted egg today”.
Well tough shit Mister! You’ve got a chocolate covered bagel and if you don’t want it I know for a fact they’ll be a queue around the block for it inside of 20 seconds so take it or leave it.
I moved onto the main task of the morning which was the making of the packed lunches, 3 in all, at this point I have still not managed to have my pick-me-up coffee so I wasn’t firing on all cylinders.
OMG meltdown after meltdown, he wanted hot tea not cold tea, he did not want those tomatoes cut, WHY OH WHY does he have to brush his teeth? WHY must he take a rain coat? WHY can’t I drive him to school? WHY do bad things happen to good people?
Meanwhile young Jim knows when he’s onto a good thing. He knows he’s going to look good by comparison just by keeping his mouth shut, but he decides to cash in on every angle, he starts rinsing breakfast dishes, sweeping the floor,
putting up shelves in the bathroom, there was a bright white light emanating from him as he hurried about his tasks.
They’re gone! 3 out and one in bed, 7.33 a.m. and exhausted already!

4 thoughts on “A Field Trip ( or 2).

  1. I sympathise. Our eldest is the same. He tangles his trousers trying to put them on – meltdown. He’s managed to get his socks inside-out – meltdown. And somehow everything is everybody else’s fault. We haven’t yet thrown him out of the house half naked but sometimes it is very tempting…

  2. I love it, “tough shit mister” you sound like my mum! Exchanging the mister for miss of course– How about handing over lunch money and you can skip the daunting tasking of making lunch? Does their school offer lunches?

    At least you are honest (which I admire and like about your blog) and although it as at your hind–very entertaining.

    Hope you had a fab GW….so glad the weekend is here!

  3. GW was okay thanks, quite relaxing, watched a lot of TV.
    They needed bentos for the field trip, they usually have school lunches, in fact school lunch is the only option there is no packed lunch choice.
    It’s good value for money. JHS get school lunches too, but HS is pack up or tuck shop style.
    My daughter in HS usually makes her own, or I make it if she’s running late, or I give her money.

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