Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day yesterday and I’m a mother, so it was my day. My number one choice of things to do on Mother’s Day actually don’t include my children. Perhaps I am an uncaring, unfeeling stone-hearted wench like Kevin says I am, but I get to spend SOOOO much time with them on other days, I’d be quite happy to do something ALONE!!
Also, to be honest, I don’t feel it, Mother’s Day to me is about MY mother and as a Motherless Daughter, there isn’t much celebratory to do.

That said we decided we’d have an abfab day en masse.
It will surprise no one that Kev started his day in a foul mood, quite justifiably as it turns out, his grievance yesterday, ( remember this kid is 10 years old) was that ONCE, when we were running late I took him to daycare without any breakfast. Jeez!! That kind of Mother doesn’t deserve gifts and treats and a good frickin mood on Mother’s Day.
He should thank his lucky stars I stopped the car and took him in, I remember those days and he’s lucky I didn’t chuck him through an open window.

Smiles soon came as we promised 3 chicklets a trip to the cinema. First though they felt the need to correct my pronounciation of ‘cinema’ apparently I was screwing up the second syllable. Whatever!
Off we go! CiNEma for them, “Konan The Detective”, shopping for me.
Sunshine was babysitting and arranged to meet us later.
I shopped up quite a storm, unusual for Frugal Dougal me. I was pleased to note that some of the shops had signs saying they now carry ‘big sizes’, good good, we heifers need no longer go naked. ‘Big’ being anything larger than a UK10!
Sunshine arrived and I had a radical personality transplant and for no apparent reason said ‘Yes’ to everything she wanted, just cos I was in a ‘yes’ mood. She bought, or I should say I bought her, some really nice stuff actually, I think her ‘hooker in an Aaron Spelling Tv Show circa 1979’ phase may be over, lets give thanks.
I bought myself some sort of welly-clogs for the garden, cos garden fashion is so top of my list, and Sunshine bought not one but FOUR belly rings as a Mother’s Day gift, so I’m fashionable in the garden and in the belly now.

Then we went out for an Indian meal. I was going to say ‘we went out for an Indian’ but I have sort of lost track of what’s PC and what isn’t, and also didn’t want to cause confusion, suffice to say we did not go out to find a person of Indian extraction, we went out to eat Indian food.
It was quite good, the girls and I eat Indian food every chance we get, but the boys had never been so I was eager to introduce them to the finer things in life. They LOVED it. Kev is a great eater, he has a huge appetite and will try anything, and he sleeps like a log, those are his two plus points, ‘charm point’ as they like to say in Japan.
Sunshine told me that the people on the next table were meeting the son’s girlfriend to discuss marriage. The two looked very very young so I asked ( as would you) , ‘Is she pregnant’, to which my fine, top-of-the-range High School,
soon-to-be-polyglot woman/child said, ” No she’s not pregnating.” I snorted lassi out of my nose and resisted the urge to call the school bursar and demand my money back, and then she said, ‘ You’re going to put that on your blog aren’t you?”.
You bet I am darling, without you guys there IS no blog.

6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day.

  1. I seriously just spewed OJ out of my nose (not the man, but the juice- gosh help me if my nose is that big)!

    This was undoubtedly, truly funny as hell. Okay so you are a belly-ring-wearing-mama that gardens- that is “smashing” darling!

    I bet you are so much fun to hang out with- so I take it Kev is still with us and not following bread crumbs home?

    I am going to be a bit nosy but is your DH a J-guy as well? What part of Japan are you in?

    = )

  2. I think on Mother’s Day you should be allowed to do whatever you like – and if that means time away from the kids so be it! Fair enough I say! As for “Indian” – I think it’s still ok to “go for an Indian”!

  3. girljapan, I’m in Nara and DH is J too.

    silsetto, you are my compass on all things current/PC/British. As a thankyou I shall send you
    a dvd of Jade Goody- The Movie, the minute it’s out. xx

  4. WHAT?!  You aren’t supposed to spend Mother’s Day as far away from your kids as possible? Who made up that stupid rule? Clearly they aren’t a mother.

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