Nelson Mandela.

I know you’re all dying to know what I did today, chomping at the bit for photos of my lunch, well I’ll tell ya!
I had an easy day, I went out early, forgoing my morning walk to meet a friend for coffee. I returned, I did PO and banking stuff without any gaijinity incidents. I rented two films.
24 Redemption and Goodbye Fubanna ( or something), about Nelson Mandela and Robben Island.
Let me share with you now, 24 redemption is utter crap. I love 24, but this was only two hours, without the twists or surprises or anything faintly interesting going on except the lovely Robert Carlyle who I could look at forever!
The Mandela one, mmmm!! It had a made-for-TV- quality about it for starters, and though I did enjoy the watching of it, and Joseph Feinnes was wonderful, the guy playing Mandela, ( coincidentally Robert Palmer from 24) just didn’t have ‘it’. I read something yonks ago about Morgan Freeman making a film about Mandela and I can absolutely see him nailing it, but this film was more about the Joseph Feinnes character, a prison warden who supposedly had a close relationship with Mandela.
Unfortunately, googling his name later I found that people close to Mandela say that this guy fabricated their close relationship and that he is barely mentioned in Mandela’s autobiography, ‘Long Walk To Freedom’, which I haven’t read in 10 years. So, although well acted on Feinnes’ part, it doesn’t seem to have any actual historical credibility.
Good news is, it has spurred me into re-reading Mandela’s book.
Back in Feb of 1990, I had yet to come to Japan and I was picking grapes in a God forsaken place called Mildura in Oz.
Twas an horrendous job, I think I made about 11p in 3 weeks, but I did meet my friend Ben, who is still my friend to this very day, even though I never see him, and whenever I think about him I think about being in Mildura when we heard that Mandela had been released.
I was in Dali, near the Tibetan border with China when John McCarthy was released in Lebanon. I was at work in Orme’s winebar in Clapham, London, when I heard about Hillsboro.
Where were you when huge news went down?

4 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela.

  1. I was sat on the bed of my wife (then girlfriend) in her tiny little flat when news of the Boxing Day Tsunami reached the UK – that always sticks in my mind for some reason.

  2. I was in Becky Todd’s Kitchen in Pateley Bridge when I heard that Elvis had died.

    I was in a freezing cold cottage in Holmfirth when I heard that Margeret Thatcher had resigned …(though I am sure my cheers could be heard near the Tibetan Border ).

    I was shopping in Tesco’s in Roundhay when I heard of Diana’s death…I saw the Newspapers…I wondered why the aisles were so quiet !

  3. i was in a high school student council meeting when president reagan was shot.

    I was sitting on my couch in nagasaki watching cnn live coverage of the twin towers falling.

    i woke up to my clock radio announcing that the space shuttle challenger had exploded…

    i was living in a valley in the mountains when we heard a far off rumble… later we learned from folks arriving from down lake that Mt. St. Helens had blown…

  4. I was living in the El Niño area when El Niño hit, I was watching a Whale outside my window when I heard on the news about “Diana”. Everything else is just a blur…

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