Kev Behaves and Jim Has a Date.

Tis true, Kev has been fab the last few days, I’m sure it has nothing whatsoever to do with *someone* gently floating the idea that good behaviour may be rewarded with a new DS soft he has been after a while. Why that is tantamount to bribery and surely I would never stoop so low. So if we happen to get to talking about his stellar behaviour tomorrow, while heading to the leccy shop, it’s all a bizarre coincidence.
Meanwhile, stop the presses, Jim has a date, Jim and his * friend*, who is NOT a girlfriend but he is seriously thinking about marrying her, are off to Baskin and Robbins for ice-cream tomorrow morning.
I have agreed to go pick her up and then drop them off a suitable ( but not dangerous) distance from Band R, so they can be seen to be walking there.
He told me in all seriousness that they will chat, and have ice-cream but he isn’t planning on any kissing.
Okey dokey!
9! What a great age.
Sunshine is not speaking to me again, because earlier in the week she mentioned a University she is thinking she might like to try for next year, and then, stupid stupid me, not realising that the subject had somehow been rendered taboo somewhere between Wednesday and now, said ( and I quote)
” If you apply to XXX University…..”
I didn’t get to say another word before she said,
‘Will you stop pressuring me.”
” Yeah, okay!”

6 thoughts on “Kev Behaves and Jim Has a Date.

  1. My mother bribed me all-the-time, esp when she didn’t want daddy to know how much we spent shopping… having said that, your daughter sounds like a sweet gal compared to some of the talks I had with my parents… I loved the story and for a second there I thought you had a grown boy until I read more– that is truly, utterly so sweet- and cute on overload…..

  2. Ooh.. a date… Joey told Nicole’s daughter on saturday evening that he was going to marry her. Very cute. Am guessing that the first de-to won’t be far away.. SCARY!

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