First date Attire.

Jim and his Gal had their ‘deito’ yesterday. we went to pick up the lovely Blue Summer, she looked fabulous in a flurry of pink, like she’d be swinging by a Barbie convention at the beach the minute this was over.
Jim on the hand had gone dressed prepared. He had on a hooded rain jacket, zipped to the top, hood up, prepared, not so much for inclement weather as a bivouac in the Swiss Alps.

Kev and I killed the time at the leccy shop, Kev playing with an X box while he waited for me to come and buy him the promised DS software, I filled in endless forms to try and get my camera fixed, not pleased to hear it might be 8,000 yen.
First it was just the ‘door’ on the battery/memorystick place that wouldn’t close properly. It still took pix okay so I didn’t rush on it, it was on my long mental list of things to do. Then the memorystick wouldn’t go in properly and got stuck, and when I tried to yank finagle it out I may have been a tad gam fisted.

That done, DS bought, we went to Baskin and Robbins to pick up the young lovebirds. Turned out Jim was dressed appropriately after all as he was covered from head to foot in ice cream, they’d had about 4 each and were bouncing off the walls on the sugar, laughing hysterically.
I guess it was a success, though the woman gave me a bit of a dirty look, so possibly they were a little noisy. I don’t care, I wasn’t there.

7 thoughts on “First date Attire.

  1. Oh, isn’t it interesting how the more kids you have the less you care about how much they annoy others as long as they don’t annoy you?! I am so far past not caring, and I only have the two. If I had four like you I would be in a real state, huh?

    Absolutely, not mention that first child would never have been allowed to go in the first place!

  2. ahaha You ladies are a hoot! Me too MB, I went straight to booze and other extracurricular activities.

    If I would have had any kids at all (still not sure yet if I’ll go down or UP that hill) I would have had to have a permanent prescription for “muscle relaxants”.

    I can’t even handle this new puppy, stressed me out so much I was “LATE” to cruise the crimson wave.

    I like the date story, awfully- adorably- cute.

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