Chickens and Meditation.

Chicken is getting freaky big and I am not liking it so much. Don’t tell my friend ‘Withering’ who comments here from time to time, because she is arriving in Japan on Saturday morning and she has some sort of intense chicken phobia.
Well hopefully she is arriving Saturday, but reports are that in the usual Japanese overkill way, with the pig flu freak out, teams in hazmat suits are boarding planes when they land on the tarmac and checking everyone’s temperature.
Schools in Kobe are closed, and some over panicky schools in our prefecture ( mostly the private ones) have closed for a week.
I am not getting what all the fuss is about. The speed at which it spreads is a little alarming but that is I suppose what we get with all this international travel we love so much.
Meanwhile, to get away from the freaky chicken I went off to a friends place and we had a guided meditation session. It was so good and relaxing, it has really spurred me on to make some more permanent changes, particularly in how I spend my time.
It relaxed and freed my mind so much I was able to sit down and watch two hours of Survivor on youtube.
I wont nitpit about Survivor cos I don’t think anyone who reads this really watches it , except YOU, and you know who I am talking about and we already hashed it to death on the phone.
Working now on vigilence, extreme vigilence, to avoid finding out who won American Idol as we have about 3 more weeks to go. So, vast readership, if you know, keep shtumm ne!!
Final ever of The Shield tonight I think…….
Had an excellent day with my terrific friend Stella yesterday, which reminded me that laughing cures all things.
All in all a good weeks roundup I think….
Gotta squeeze in a quick Uno before bed.

7 thoughts on “Chickens and Meditation.

  1. The swine flu thing has pretty much petered out here in Uk media land – a 9 day wonder. Now everyone is talking about the outrageous expenses claims our MPs have been putting in for donkey’s years… nobody has yet claimed for a big chicken though!

  2. I sometimes think you are more American than I! I don’t watch Survivor or American Idol. haha People here do obsess over them though.
    My favorite show is The Office. Don’t know if you are able to get it. Besides, my obsession continues to be Scrabble. My recent college graduate daughter has been loosing to me- — great for my ego!!!

  3. I am so sick of hearing about the swine flu. As I have said elsewhere, it is the flu, not those viruses from I am Legend or 28 Days Later. Sure, every year some people die from flu complications, any strain, but most people get through it just fine. Typical Japanese over reaction! I am surprised they haven’t used it as an excuse to totally ban foreigners from entering the country as you know it is all of us germy gaijin that are infecting the helpless Japanese.

    The American Embassy in Japan sent out a newsletter telling people to stock up on two weeks worth of food. Where the h*ll are you going to store two weeks worth of food in a Japanese house? Idiots!

  4. That’s a very funny comment; even in my big American house I have trouble storing 2 weeks worth of food. Not to mention, if one eats healthily (mostly fruits and vegetables) the food would spoil in that time. An apology from America; we think big and big is not always better.

  5. I thought it was dying out ( I am one of those paranoid germ phobia girls) but I think by exercising hand washing, and not sticking our fingers in our mouth, nose in public or eating with out fingers before washing… we should be okay– I carry that germ lotion when I am shopping at the super before I get into the car… UGH, then they raised the level to 6, which is only for geographical reasons, I thought cases were getting few and few another women here in Nagoya, so I was determined not to let it scare me and exercise the above again.. it does seem to be fading, or the numbers decreasing…

    After all small compared to all the people here, I get the taking precautions but I feel self conscious if I sneeze or cough. Hope it will be over with soon…

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