Macrobiotic class.

So withering and I went to the class. I think I have mentioned before , that when doing anything with Japanese people who have never been in the prescence of anyone who is not Japanese before, there is the potential for embarrassment, or humiliation, or disappointment or just plain hurtfullness.
Today’s class included all of the above. It was purely an exercise in awfulness.
Maybe I’ll elaborate at some point I don’t know, but it was painful.

On the plus side, we ate lovely food and I got my hair cut and I love it!
AND I love that my friend was here with me to share this day, the good and the bad, AND I made lentil and veg soup for dinner that was bloody FAB!!

7 thoughts on “Macrobiotic class.

  1. Even without hearing the details I feel angry on your behalf – xenophobia is ugly no matter what form it takes.

    By the way, thank you for your kind email – I’m a bit snowed under at the moment but will reply as soon as I can!

  2. I hope you’ll share your story- like silsetto said– I have great disdain for people that go out of their way to “hurt”!

    Having said that, why and how could something like this happen in such a class? I just can’t fathom the possibility of someone or people being so IGNORANT.

    Oh I hope you share the story, I am sure many of us have experienced this to one extent on the other.

  3. Blah.It still catches one out after all those years.

    Hooray to lentil and veggie soup.And haircuts that work;)

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