Yoga, Karaoke and Twister.

We’ve have been having a great week, now that we have put the horrors of the cooking class behind us. Wednesday we toddled off to Nara City to see the Daibutsu, the biggest Buddha in the world, or in Japan, or in Nara, it’s really big anyway, and I’ve been a trillion times because guests are always dead inpressed and it’s not far away.
The Daibutsu wasn’t very busy, most times I’ve been before it’s been absolutely packed which gets the deer all giddy and then they run around and freak me out, or, as happened a couple of years ago, bite someone’s bum. ( the deer, not me).
Then we walked back down past the park and around old Naramachi where Withering scored herself a fab kimono.
Yesterday we went for yoga. I was a little apprehensive in case we had a repeat of the cooking class ordeal, but it was great.
The room is above a lovely little shop full of Alishan and People Tree goods, lots of interesting teas and homemade breads.
The yoga itself was not too taxing and we felt great afterwards.
Having stretched our bodies, we decided to stretch our voices and popped into a karoke place for an hour of singing our heads off and prancing around with mics. stomach muscles were stretched too because we fell about laughing most of the time.
ENT, dinner, clean up, I thought I would jump in the bath before collapsing in a heap in front of The Shield ( surely it IS the final epsiode tonight!) then Kev turns up with Twister, hoping for a game.
Withering saved me, and stepped up to the plate and twisted and contorted with Kev and Jim while I soaked in my Radox bath.
A very enjoyable day, which ended with me ( again) nodding off on the sofa 20 minutes in to The Shield so i still don’t know if it was the last episode or not.
Today we are tootling out early to get to Kyoto. Directionally impaired as I am we’ll be lucky if we manage it, but the plan is to head for Kinkakuji, ( The Golden Pavillion), then hook up with Tikitiki for lunch, then up Kurama on the little cable car and a soak in the hot spring on the top of the mountain.
Back home for the chicklets, go and watch Tae Kwon Dou and be nodding off on the sofa by 9.30 again.

5 thoughts on “Yoga, Karaoke and Twister.

  1. Twister – urgh. Ritual humilation in a box. I hate it. Karen’s mother made us all play it once while she say back and watched (admittedly she’d very ill). I felt so used.

  2. I have not been to any of the tourist spots- can’t drag hubby either but my mum dragged US– I have fun when I go with friends and mum too…. Man, why do they have so many US toiletries but not many from GB… “err” Radox smells so lovely..

  3. What a fun day! It was fun for me to read your entry after having visited these places. I talked with my friend in Tokyo last night and told her that I now have another friend in Japan. haha

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