Changing Gears.

So off went Withering this morning, back to the Motherland via Helsinki, the end of a truly fantastic week. Thanks so much for coming all this way!
Feeling a bit maudling about it really so leapt straight into a can of Heinz tomato soup so kindly received from said friend. That cheered me up a bit because it is without a doubt the greatest food on the planet. Decided to whip my house into shape after doing basically bugger all housework all week.
I threw myself into it, even cleaned the bathroom and behind the washing machine. then I sat down and made an extensive list of all the things I have to do. Calling it my ‘to do’ list.
Some involved printing so I set that all in motion so I could be genuinely, multi-tasking.
Withering got us into the habit of letting the chick run around the room crapping on my lovely floors, and it seemed fitting to let it continue to do so. Though we can’t call it a chick anymore really, it’s nearly a chicken, it is at a gawky stage where some bits are too big and some bits are too small, but i will not mock I had my own gawky phase. It started when I was about 9 and continued right into my 40s where I suddenly literally grew out of it and hit the everything is just too big phase.
No the chick, who answers to ‘Pi-chan’ from Jim, ‘Angel’ from Kev and ‘ not on my foot you bastard’ from Withering, is filling out around the breast and starting to look more like a chicken I am familiar with, a sort of succulent roasting pan look.
Ticking off done jobs left right and centre, but still no holiday insurance, still parcels unposted, but I did manage to get Doris a rather overdue appointment with the orthodentist at 3.30, when she gets back from softball.
She came back and had lunch and I sent her right back out again, telling her clearly that she must tell the receptionist how very busy she is with school club activities, thus throwing off suspicion that her mother can’t get her shit in a pile long enough to make an appointment and casting all the blame on the her overloaded school schedule, ( where it belongs!).
Now we’re all spick and span, everyone has eaten, Sunshine went to a concert with the Love and his family and wont be back till late, so just four of us for American Idol tonight. Final 4, who’ll be next?
I’ll tell you tomorrow night, if you know, don’t tell me!!

7 thoughts on “Changing Gears.

  1. “…a sort of succulent roasting pan look”. Now that’s dangerous talk. When you start researching homemade stuffing memories I’ll know the little chook is really in trouble…!

  2. Heinz Tomato soup…yes,indeed it is the greatest food ever.And I have to put up with that Campbell’s crap.Life is tough in Japan…

    • i grew up on campbell’s tomato soup (ooh, dip some grilled cheese sandwhich in that….heaven..) so i am so very curious to try this Heinz stuff and see what i have been missing…..

      do you suppose they sell the “proper” stuff in the states???

  3. I love how passionate people are about Heinz Tomato Soup! They should sell it in every country in the world. It kept me going through both of my pregnancies.

    At $7 a tin, it’s a bit expensive here!

    • Ouch!! $7?
      I can get it from here through expat delivery services online, but it is about 4 or 5 quid a can.
      Just too much, I just want to be able to have it when I want it yk?
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. For me, it’s Digestives. $5 a packet and Husband will eat the lot when we’re all asleep if I don’t hide them (and he’s not even ENGLISH!). I brought back £50 worth of sweets and biscuits on my last trip to London and have been ruining all of our teeth steadily over the last week in a glorious sugar fest but I just don’t care. One needs one’s consolations, doesn’t one?

  5. Tomato soup, have you ever had it piping hot with some toast and melted cheese…. I would dip, and dip again and again…

    I want to also thank you for your kind words and support = )

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