Cracking the Code.

I have cracked the Kev code.
Next stop a book on parenting no doubt.
It’s so easy why didn’t I see it before?
I finished work at lunchtime and had big plans to tidy up the bedrooms before the lovely Ditoh arrives from Tokyo with her offspring.
Sadly like so many other plans, it fell through. I decided to watch more of my new season of Special Victims Unit instead.The bedrooms can wait.
Chris Meloni cannot.
So there I was, lounging on the sofa ( clean covers, it’s a start..) feet up, eating bon bons, when in came my boy. It’s just him and me today, the others had assorted plans.
He came through the door, I paused my dvd I said,
“Welcome home my love”.
He said, ” I’m not going to school anymore, I quit!”
I said, ” Why, whatever could have happened my sweet?”
he said, ” I’ve got no socks!”
I mentioned that I had bought him a small shedload just a couple of weeks back, but he said they were all ‘gone’.
“Okay”, says me, breezily, “let’s go now to Shimamura and score us some more.”
A half smile, almost imperceptible to the human eye, nearly crossed his bee stung lips.
Off we went, with semi-good spirits, even a slight sing-a-long with Johnny Cash and ‘Boy Named Sue’, maybe he could empathise, who knows.
At Shimamura an abundance of socks were selected, then Kev asked if he couldn’t please have 100yen for a game machine.
” Why sure!” said I. Off he trotted, leaving me to wander around buying Spongebob knickers and softball socks.
Shopping done, game finished, we crossed the street to the supermarket.
What would you like for dinner?” I asked.
” Steak” says he. So steak it is, fortunately for me it was on special offer.
Dinner in the cart, young Kev asks for some sweets, ” Yes, sweet lamb, go knock yourself out!”.
Half way to the register he is struck with a raging thirst, the like of which I have never seen and only an over priced, laced -with- neurotoxins- fizzy affair will quench it.
” Stick it in the cart then love.”
Homeward bound, stuffing his little face with sugar, my sweet boy claims to LOVE me, yes LOVE me.
As I was preparing his steak he gently asked if he might get some DS time.
” Of course you can my dear…here you go…”
….and thus he was an angel, even washed his own dishes and put his PJs on without me asking 15 times and then getting them out of the drawer myself and pulling his T-shirt off.
I can even see teeth getting brushed without bloodshed.

See it’s so easy to keep him sweet, I have been missing the obvious these long long 10 years.
Just give him what he wants, when he wants it, say YES to everything and he’s putty in my hands.

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