The Fishes Swim With Luca Brasi.

The Man’s fish are all dead. Went out this morning and they are all floating. This happened, around this time last year too, the neighbour’s fish were all dead too. We do not know why.
The Man is sad.
He takes really good care of his fish.
The chicken meanwhile, is alive and kicking and starting to grow that weird red thing on his head.
We need a plan. Good news is Jim has stopped eating chicken meat.
I made chicken curry last night. When I gave it to Jim he asked what meat it was.
I said ‘chicken’, he looked at me like, ‘ are you frickin kidding me, it could be his brother?’.
Pork is still fair game, will have to get more livestock if I want to convert kids to veggie-ism.

Dawn had not even cracked when I got up this morning to prepare a nutricious packed lunch for Doris.
5a.m. Saturday morning, am worried now I may not stay awake for all of American Idol tonight.
Doris went to school at 7.45 yesterday morning, she came home at 7.15 pm. Too tired to go to Tae Kwon Dou. She had dinner, didn’t give a toss about the chicken, had a bath, was asleep in bed by 8.30. That’s 1 hour and 15 minutes I saw my 12 year old, in which time, she ate, bathed and phoned a friend. This is not good. How on earth do other kids fit cram school into this schedule too. I guess that’s why they call it ‘cram’ school. This was not Friday’s schedule, this is 5 days a week, with tournaments at least one weekend day.
I miss her, she is great company.

Right now Ditoh will be wrapping her ham sarnies in clingfilm and preparing for the 8+ hour drive ahead.
Must make effort to run hoover through bedrooms in her honour.

6 thoughts on “The Fishes Swim With Luca Brasi.

  1. perhaps when a crucial temperature is achieved (the approaching summer solstice), a particularly toxic bacteria begins to evolve and grow and multiply until the fish can no longer extract oxygen from their environment.

    Now , the chicken can have the pond….however, you must watch the chicken carefully while it is outside, or your tanuki will eat him.

  2. Poor Man – Poor Fish. You dont have any trees overhanging the pond do you ( i dont remember seeing the pond ?!) Some trees shed pollon that can be poisonous to animals ..and fish.

    Good news about Jim and the Chicken. I have shipped you a piglet

  3. The sandwiches were PB&J and the trip was pure heaven and so were you. Thanks for being so supportive with the neph!

  4. Road Trip!!!! Gosh I just love road trips (although I do wish they had more starbucks along the rest stop areas)

    Sounds like a blast, pbj and all, my mom was always working so I lived off of Peanut Butter and Jelly.

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