Here We Go Again.

Monday was spent on the sofa watching Gavin and Stacey, recuperating from a weekend of exciting and lovely friends.
Sunday night a gang of us, we foreign wives of the world, gathered together for a night of Mexican food ( my first in a restaurant) and good chat. We went to break tacos with the lovely Tiktiki a foreign wife living in Kolkata. Luckily for me we all met in Osaka but a couple of other gals came from very far away.
Our Queen, Ditoh came from Tokyo, and another member came from almost as far away. Although I have met most of the members before, a lot of the gals were meeting for the first time.
I came away with my very own foreign wives apron and my hand and arm tattooed with henna.
Good time had by all.
Therefore low productivity on Monday, though Gavin and Stacey was fab.
Yesterday, I had to go to the school, of course, it’s been a good five minutes since I last had to go.
It was Kev’s open day, followed by a ‘ shinbokukai’, where we all play a game together.
The heat in the classroom with all the extra bodies was intolerable so I escaped to the corridor and chatted with my friend about funerals.
The game itself was painless, it was a quiz based on the many hidden meanings and numbers in Chinese characters, I therefore was able to contribute nothing whatsoever, but the lady next to me was very nice and we had a chat about raising teens.
Turned out Kev was quite a whizz at the quiz and he was so pleased with himself he gave me 3 inches of his seat to squeeze half a butt cheek on.
There were no humiliating moments and it all finished in time for me to dash to work.
Today is Jim’s day and I have it on good authority we will be arm wrestling.

2 thoughts on “Here We Go Again.

  1. I could not get past Mexican food which I had not had in months = ( I am so jealous!!!! Yum yum!

    I am so happy you had a fab get together with the girls embracing all these woman can only mean more positive flow — love it!

    So where is the tattoo? hehe

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