The Arm Wrestling Amongst Other Things

Wednesday saw me at the school ( again) for Jim’s Open Day, followed by an arm-wrestling tournament disguised as a ‘ shinbokukai’, ( getting-to-know-each-other).
I did not get to know anyone, though to tell the truth I did learn two new names, I just hope I can remember them one day when I need them.
All the kids arm wrestled each other, young Jim was ousted in the first round, it went on and on until a champion emerged.
Then it was our turn. I kid you not, 30 grown women arm wrestling each other, I haven’t done that for years and never without tequila shots.
My arm still hurts today.
Thankfully yesterday was yoga. I’m loving it and have paid up front for a shed load of sessions so I wont back out due to pressing TV needs.
Last night , young Tikitiki came to stay with her two chicklets, so we spent the evening catching up.
Tonight young Jim has a sleepover at the girlfriend’s house that he is jumping up and down with excitement about, so no doubt Saturday will just be me and Kev.
When people say, about kids, ‘they grow up so fast’ they aren’t kidding!
After years of needing just 5 minutes to myself, I can see day coming when I am going to be very lonely.
Who will watch American Idol with me then? Saturday we have the Final 2 play off and then I think
Sunday is the big finale. Fingers X’d for Adam, apart from him being the best I am developing an unhealthy crush on him.
I think I am going to build a chicken coop today.

9 thoughts on “The Arm Wrestling Amongst Other Things

  1. Chicken is staying – Yey ! Cant wait to see the photos of the Coop ! Will you give him a perch to sit on…and a little table for his food…

  2. Lonely? How will you ever be lonely with me texting you stupid messages from Disneyland and the hair salon? I am also always willing to donate a kid to the cause, but you must take them as is and no refunds or exchanges.

  3. I lur text messaging, esp when I am waiting and feeling nervous or need a good laugh from a friend… then someone looks at me like I am crazy for laughing out loud to myself.

    I wish I could do yoga, I broke my knee twice skiing in Japan , and I tried shanga but all I did was fall on my face and land on my ass over and over again, I think I need kindergarten yoga…. maybe I am just incapable = (

    • Yeah I love messaging someone when I’m waiting for something ( like a red light to change), I am a product of this time, I cannot simply enjoy a moment of waiting i have to fill it with something;)

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