Words of Wisdom.

If you are frying breaded chicken don’t try and flip it with chopsticks.
Hot fat will splash on your hand.
While you are running your hand through cold water, 1) don’t leave the chicken on the heat and 2)
don’t do the exact same thing again with the chopsticks. Readers with a science background may be able to confirm that the hotter the fat, the further it splashes ( and the hotter it burns).
Turn off the heat before running your foot through cold water.
You heard it here first.
In other news, Kev claims to have found a friend. I am guessing it’s some unsuspecting kid who’s mother is at work and so has free reign over the DS, probably wont see Kev again till the mother returns.
Chicken is still with us and seems content in his new home, although I am still looking for permanent lodgings for him, email me if interested.
It’s Jim’s birthday coming up so he is busy writing endless lists of things he thinks he’s going to get.
Doris, Doris I don’t think I would recognise if I saw her, she is home so briefly these days.
Sunshine and The Love, hit the big 1 year anniversary, I guess it must be true love then. she made him cookies, he says he is saving for a ring. Please let him get offered a Uni place very far away.
She is not coming to Canada with us this summer, choosing instead to get a job so she can save for a hot pink scooter and matching helmet university tuition.
So far I am not too worried about leaving her for 3 weeks and am wondering if I am just too busy to think about it, in denial, or plain old slack?
I am out of here in 5 weeks for a fantabulous holiday, that’s all I know and I cannot wait. I don’t want to get started on a rant, suffice to say Japan and I need a break form each other.
I am also wondering what happened to all those old type surnames, Micklethwaite, Hoppenthorpe, Ramsbottom?

6 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom.

  1. Ouch.. I love using hashi to cook with, I can maneuver things easily than with that of a fork, but I had no idea… excellent tip!!!!!!

  2. Bloody hell,don’ talk about breaded chicken without firstly clarifying that it isn’t “The Chicken” you are talking about.What a waste of a good chicken coop,I though to myself at first.

  3. I know I shouldn’t laugh but I did chuckle a little bit. I had an over-excited pan on Sunday while I was cooking lunch.. would have been good to have your advice before then! 😉
    As for the “big love”.. that is quite an anniversary for kids their age. I think I had a different boyfriend every other month at that age! LOL! (Hmm.. although one could argue that not much has changed..)

  4. I’m really not qualified to advise you how to deal with cooking splashes / fats / burns after nearly setting our oven alight a few weeks ago heating up something as simple as sausages…!

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