Heelys and Kickboards.

Young Jim is 9. My little one, ever my baby is now 9 years old. Actually I am lying it isn’t his birthday until Thursday but he had his party yesterday.
The days are long the years are short.
We dashed off to Toys R Us on Saturday morning where we purchased a kickboards and Uncle Brick bought him Heelys.
Have I mentioned the Sutton Bank- like incline right outside our house, that we live up a mountain?
All was well we got together with good friends, for good food.
He was a bit nervous about trying out the Heelys in front of everyone because apparently you have to get used to them, can’t just whack them on and fly off.
We had a co- party with Uncle Brick and his family because their son’s birthday is today, so Happy Birthday to you Mr T.

So Jim tried out his Heelys today when I took him to the dentist. The school dental check up sent both Kev and Jim home with letters. Kev’s was circled around ‘cavity’ because over the years I have learned the kanji for that. Jim’s was circled in two places, one a cavity and the other no bloody idea. I thought it might be to get him checked for orthodental treatment, because Doris once brought home a strangely circled letter that turned out to be just that. You see this is my life here, look, guess, cross reference with previous experience, then go and see what happens.
So we went, and it is indeed the brace thing. We always knew he would need one anyway, but the good news here is that, the dentist suggested I take him back to the surgeon who operated on his mouth, who will then refer me to the hospital ortho chappie, which means, which means my friends, my insurance will kick in, saving me A LOT of money.
Then he removed two teeth. OW!

So we left and he tried out his Heelys, which meant he had to hold my hand and ponce along, slipping and tripping, with a lump of sodden, bloody, cotten wool hanging out of his mouth.

9 thoughts on “Heelys and Kickboards.

  1. Those Heely- things always looked really scary but at the same time I thought they would be a great thing to have as they would minimise effort when getting from A to B. Only problem is that I would probably break my neck in the process!

  2. “The days are long the years are short.” Know what you mean. My little ‘un will be 2 in October and I can barely get my head around that… let alone 9! I think dentist’s are really scary for kids… it’s just so invasive what they do. Any other medical field you kind of build up to it or get special treatment… but the dentist… just go in, sit down and they make you bleed without a second’s thought. It’s not right!

    • Weird as it may sound, my kids LOVE the dentist.
      Gone are the draconian pain-filled processes, it’s all softly softly now, of course the J way of it taking 3 visits to get a cavity sorted help!

  3. Happy Birthday to all. You know, you should have let him try the Heely before the dentist. He might have managed to knock those teeth out instead, and then he would have had a really cool “boy story” to tell everyone. Where is the adventure in having a dentist pull them out?

    My oldest turns 6 in a few weeks. If the world comes to an end July 10th you will know it is because her father broke his promise about a DSi when she turned six.

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