Bad Parenting.

I dropped the ball, I was not on top of my game this week.
Wednesday, Jim had to go to for a follow up visit to the dentist. The plan was for him to go directly there when he finished school ( at 3 pm), it’s about a 5 minute walk. I would go there when I finished work ( at 3.15), I would pay and bring him home in the car.
The plan would have worked perfectly, has in fact worked before, if only forces beyond my control hadn’t forced me to completely forget. To in fact go straight home and sit on the sofa eating ice-cream with Doris as we occasionally looked at the clock and wondered what could be keeping Jim.
When it got to 4.15 we decided if he wasn’t back by 4.30 we would go looking for him and laughed that he probably had his head stuck in a hedge somewhere trying to catch some freakishly large insect.
At 4.30, just as we were thinking about maybe putting our shoes on, maybe having more ice-cream, the phone rang.
” It’s Jim”
” Where are you? We were just going to come looking for you.”
” I’m at the dentist, are you coming?”
” Oh buggerty bugger, I am soooo sorry I am on my way, stay there, I’ll be there in a jiffy, sorry sorry sorry.”
” Okay, thanks, I finished my homework.”

2 thoughts on “Bad Parenting.

  1. lol..I’d say that shows great parenting a kid that does his homework on the floor of a dentist as they are stepping over him about to close their doors for the evening ..Some parents would die for such commitment to study, youve done a great job !

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