The Baby Bird Has Passed.

He didn’t make it, despite the tofu and the eggs and the TLC, the baby bird died today.
One son is gutted, another has moved on, I will not name names.

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett also passed on today. Sadly Farrah didn’t get much airtime, CNN devoted the entire day to Michael Jackson, though to be fair Farrah’s death was coming, was expected, Michael’s was so sudden the shock factor is high.

Well Farrah, you made life bearable for an entire generation of teenage boys, my brother had the poster, I bet every blogger’s brother had the poster, he spent a lot of time in his room.
Charlie’s Angels takes me back to the good old days when we would all watch TV together as a family, shuffling around and fighting for a good spot on the sofa, sending the young brother to the TV to make sounds or antenna adjustments, I would descibe scenes of laughing and hugging each other put that would just be pushing the envelope of my fantasty family, we did though all sit in the one room and watch the same show. It’s really only thanks to Aaron Spelling that we got to watch any TV at all.
Despite battling cancer for 3 years Farrah still looked beautiful right until the end. She was famous for the hair and the teeth, but she really had a lovely face.

A gazillion words will be written about Michael over the coming days,and I’ll leave them to be written by people with something profound to say and the skills to say it, but I’ll say he was a beautiful boy, I liked ‘Off The Wall’ more than I liked ‘Thriller’ and I don’t think he was guilty of anything except perhaps being a bit weird.

7 thoughts on “The Baby Bird Has Passed.

  1. Yes RIP Farrah, Mr Jackon and Little Bird.

    I was always Farrah when we played Charlie’s Angel’s and longed for her Farrah Flick .

    I think Doctor Doolittle might have missed the little bird saying ” As a rule I dont eat Scrambled Eggs, Tofu and Caviar so early in the day but if you insist.. ” ….had the good doctor scrabbled with bare hands in the dirty earth for worms and maggots, eaten them, regutitated them back into the little mites beak …now you’re talking …..not that i think you are in any way responsible you understand ..thats the way of the world…..but i have had a word with the chicken and advised him to turn down any offers of a smoked salmon and champagne lunch 😉

    • Steve I totally understand the ambivalence, didn’t know him, my life wont change, I was more saddened by the loss of Natasha Richardson don’t know why, didn’t know her either.
      For MJ I just feel with better people in his life, it could have turned out better, but wouldn’t necessarily have ended differently iykwim.
      I accept his impact on the music world, but it’s not a world I live in.
      I was always more a Kate Jackson fan, the thinking mans crumpet ( I thought).

  2. I’m more saddened by news of your baby bird as that is more personal. Farah Fawcett is very sad – though I always preferred Cheryl Ladd. As for MJ. I feel shocked certainly. And, yes, sad. But mostly I feel ambivalent though I’m not sure why.

  3. Sorry to hear about your bird. Very sad that both MJ and Farrah Fawcett passed away. Even if you don`t know someone, I think you feel sad when they die as you know the pain their friends and family are suffering. I loved Michael Jackson but he was definitely a damaged human being.

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