Dentists, Doctors and Dodgeball.

Another action packed weekend.
No work as it’s the last Saturday of the month.
Doris and Sunshine both have to go to the dentist. I took Doris first thing yesterday morning as she had been up half the night in pain. Somehow the grand canyon of cavities in her tooth escaped the dental inspection at school and she didn’t get a letter. Sunshine who is painfree DID get a letter so we have to get that checked out. She also got a letter questioning her hearing, which, quite frankly would explain A LOT.
So will drop gals at the dentist and return to hang out washing. When finished they will hopefully call me from one of their high tech mobile phones for which I am paying out an arm and a leg per month, and I’ll drop Sunshine at the ENT and bring home Doris.
Doris and Jim will be despatched to the railway station from which they’ll board a train then a bus over to their grandparents place in Osaka.
I shall wrestle smelly Kev into the shower while awaiting a call to say the ENT is finished.
Kev, Sunshine and I will go out for a spot of lunch, Sunshine will then go off to meet The Love and I will take Kev to a dodgeball tournament.
Once he is safely there, with no visible means of escape I shall drive over to Osaka, and take the other two to buy birthday gifts for their father, not to be confused with the Father’s day gifts we just bought the father last weekend, June is costly in this house.
Purchases made ( ” no socks or ties please”) chat with the out-laws and back by 4.30 to pick up a hopefully too worn out to argue with anyone Kev.
Doris is sleeping over at Uncle Bricks, claims she is revising for exams over there, but with their dvd collection and massive wide-screen plasma TV, I doubt it, I really doubt it. Still at 12 years old I think she can still safely fail the odd exam and not ruin her entire life.
So it’ll be me and the boys for the evening, with no American Idol to look forward to, we have decided to play ‘Blokus’. Should be interesting as Kev is the only one who knows how to play properly and he has a tendency to explain rules on a need -to -know basis, and he decides who needs-to-know.
We got new health insurance cards and Sunshine is now filling out the organ donor part and asking why there is no ‘hair’ box to tick. ” I think a lot of people might like my hair”.

6 thoughts on “Dentists, Doctors and Dodgeball.

  1. Your weekends sound as busy and itinerized as ours! I swear weekends are less relaxing than weekdays – but at least we’re doing our own thing rather than someone else’s!

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