Monday’s Child is Fair of Face ( but not of foot)

Day off yay!! Had big plans again to get organized but ended up printing out assessment materials for work. I am taking a month off so need to prepare lots of homework.
While waiting for the printer to crank out hundreds of copies I found myself lying on the sofa watching ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’, I can safely say it’s one of the worst films I have ever ever seen and anyone who thinks it is as good as, or remotely nearly as good as, or can even be mentioned in the same breath as The Devil Wears Prada, is just wrong wrong wrong and doesn’t deserve to watch films, should in fact banned from watching films.

While marveling at what a truly appalling mess they made of the film, despite a few big names scattered throughout it, I noticed an unsightly lumpy growth hanging off my foot.

By lunchtime it was 2 lumps. By late afternoon it was 4.
Terrified that Liza won’t let me in the hot tub when I get to Canada I decided to go to the chemist and get something for it.
The chemist couldn’t help from my description so I whipped my sock off before she had time to protest. She recoiled in horror at the alien emerging from the sole of my foot and said, ‘that is very very nasty shit, get thee to a dermatologist.’

Dermatologist not available until tomorrow so will kill two birds with one stone at the big hospital and get my seasonal hacking cough checked out.
Every rainy season for the past six years I get a terrible hacking cough in the night. Only at night. I have changed the futons, checked the mold, cleaned dust, moved rooms, nothing helps.
Maybe doctors are there for a reason and I should just go and ask them what the problem is. Perhaps this is the very thing they can help with. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

5 thoughts on “Monday’s Child is Fair of Face ( but not of foot)

  1. Hope your cough is better. My DD gets that every spring. God only knows the cause what with the nasty stuff floating in the air around here….
    Maybe your foot growth is you absorbed twin trying to assert herself finally.

  2. Your foot thing is rather exciting(to the observer only,I’m sure).Hope your cough gets sorted too as well.And thanks for the tip about the “filum”…will give it a miss when I eventually sit down to watch a whole one in one go in,oh,about 2020.

  3. Hi my friend. I have been too preoccupied with scrabble to read anything the passed month and now I finally put aside my obsession to find you with a bumpy foot! Get to a real doctor! Good luck and let us know.

  4. My dd gets that cough too and it was way worse when we were in Japan. I hope you get it all sorted out before your trip. 🙂

    And, I totally agree about that “film”. It sucked the big one (toe).

    • TM, did you ever find out what it was, I am wondering about asthma now, after a really bad night of coughing and gasping for breath.
      Is Lebanon a dryer heat, the Doc said I have ‘wet lungs’.

      I may have to move to Arizona.

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