Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe

Perhaps not woe exactly in Kev’s case, I’d call it unbridled anger, but that’s neither here nor there.
These days he gets up each morning in the foulest of moods and Wednesday was no different.

When I asked him, yet again, why he was so pissed off he said it’s because I won’t let him do DS before school.
Too right Buster.
So he said ‘Do you want me to die?’

I said, ‘Indeed I do not, nothing could be further from the truth.”
So he said, ‘Without DS I’ll die.”
I said, ‘No I don’t think that no DS can actually kill you, but I will Google it after breakfast to make sure.”
He said, “I’m not eating breakfast, then I’ll die, if I don’t have any food I’ll die.”
I said, ‘You will indeed so eat up please.”
He said, ‘No! I’m going to school with no breakfast.”
I said, “Well it’s right there in front of you, you can eat it or leave it, your decision.”
He said, “I’ll leave it then, I’ve DECIDED, because it’s my DECISION, I’m going to die, GOODBYE!!”

KEV “Hi Mum, I’m home.”

ME “Hi honey, you’re alive then?”

Kev, “Yeah, can I have a banana?”

ME, “Yeah sure.”

Kev, “I’m off out to play, bye…”

4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe

  1. You are just too funny! I loved the line that you were going to google it! I just had to read that aloud to my husband. I was laughing soooo hard!
    Hey, my scrabble obsession is coming to a close; today I reached a personal goal and have vowed to stay away for awhile. I am beginning to understand gamblers; whenever I win a game I immediately have to play another.
    But, I’m back to writing. I promise to be a better friend and keep abreast of your writing.

  2. sfrack, thanks so much, your laughter means a lot to me. I think scrabble is a good obsession to have, so much better than doing the pointless, meaningless Facebook quizzes I find myself so drawn to.

  3. We have the same rule here – no DS before school. So far we haven’t received “I will die” threats but we do get lots of the “you don’t care about me” whinges. Sometimes I wish the DS would die.

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